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If you've been reading my own blog for any length of time, you might remember what I said after Bush won reelection. Well, hallelujah, it seems to be playing out just like I had hoped:

Check this out.

I was elated to read this article, until I reached the part about Democrats — it's true that with all this ammo, they STILL can't become a true opposition.

And then (thanks for the link, Jeff) Molly Ivins goes off about the same thing, and says it better.

I have to admit that I truly agree with what Ivins says about Hilary Clinton. I cringe when I meet someone who supports her. To me, it couldn't be more transparent that this woman has one agenda item (and it has nothing to do with the bettering of America). She just wants to be president.

And while I'm on this subject, I don't understand why there are still so many gays and lesbians who like the Clintons. All other issues aside (in most respects, I think Bill Clinton was a good president), but as a gay man, he was absolutely not my friend. We can thank Bill for both Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act.

And specifically regarding gay issues, I predict President Hilary would be worse.

So why do the Clintons still have a gay fan base?

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gays are as guilty of blind allegiance to the democratic party as fundamentalists are to the republican party.

Could it be because Bill is so damn personable? It's just hard to dislike the guy... I have to admit, I like him a lot better than I like Hillary!

Many of us aren't one issue voters. I do find gay issues very important but I also find health care, jobs and the economy to be issues that are a huge consideration when I cast my vote. Neither Clinton is my dream candidate but I would gladly take either one over what we have. When Clinton was in office we had a Republican house majority. He didn't have a 6 yr carte blanche that our current President has had.

Marla Randolph Stevens | March 11, 2006 8:49 AM

Hillary? No, thank you. There will be someone better to vote for and that someone will get my vote, no matter what party, if Hillary's the Dem standard bearer, while I spend my time and money electing people to lower offices who deem me human.

I am a big picture kind of gal; I always vote a straight Democratic ticket. Only in the primaries do I allow for the luxury of contemplating the little picture.

If Clinton becomes the Democratic presidential nominee, she will be the candidate I vote for;although I doubt it will come to that.

Actually, my first thought after reading Scotts statement, “To me, it couldn't be more transparent that this ‘woman’ has one agenda item (and it has nothing to do with the bettering of America). She just wants to be president.” was the same as Bruce.

My second thought was that Scott’s statement was an opposing party talking point: Hillary a, “one item agenda” (herself) candidate.

So Scott, would you care to share your list of some of the other women you’d like to see as president?

I don't like either of them. Sure Bill is trying to be better but he did give us the DOMA up the ass ands sideways and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Soundss like Don't Kiss and Tell to me. Do your shit on the DL and keep it to yourself but hell! if we find out you're toast.

I will not vote for Hillary not even Condi. I'll have to vote for someone who has our lives and our equality in mind.