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Something we didn't know, Mitch?

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I was perusing my monthly edition of The Ethnic Hoosier-- done by the Nationalities Council of Indiana when I fell off my chair when reading this quote...

Gov. Mitch Daniels will head a team of Hoosiers to Japan this summer to troll for trade?

Hmm.... I'm wondering if they have any idea how frickin' funny that is?!! (BTW, I do have to say, he's not a bad looking guy, even if I might not like all his policies. And he has been very GLBT-friendly.. right?)

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"(BTW, I do have to say, he's not a bad looking guy, even if I might not like all his policies. And he has been very GLBT-friendly.. right?)"

On the first part, I'd have to say....eeeeuuuuuuuwwwwww gross!

As for the second part of your statement...I'm not sure what you're basing it on? Yes, he RENEWED a GLBT inclusive non-discrimination hiring policy that was put in place before him, starting with O'Bannon. He did add the trans part so props to him. Otherwise, he is FOR SJR7, and on Indy's HRO fight, he was noticeably quiet, and when pressed for an opinion, stated that the HRO was a local issue.

Please tell me your "very gay friendly" comment was sarcasm.

Linda Perdue | March 31, 2006 7:02 AM

Not that I really think many men are good looking (or even "not bad looking") but I have to note that Mitch is no Evan.

And the good Senator Bayh was one of several hosts (including the ever-fabulous Congresswoman from Indiana) at a National Stonewall Democrats fundraiser. Hmmm...

While I appreciate the current Governor's support on LGBT issues, as Kevin pointed out he'll be of no help with SJR7 or it's ugly descendents, and no one has definitive proof he did anything of value on the Indianapolis HRO.

BTW: I was reappointed to the Equal Opportunity Advisory Board, the board that did the major overhaul of the HRO. I was surprised there was no challenge to my appointment. Councilor McWhirter did question me on how frequently the board has to settle disputes (rarely), otherwise it was a go.

Chris Douglas | April 1, 2006 4:54 PM

I intervene only to correct what I see as an inaccuracy. To my knowledge, anyone that would represent Daniels as for SJR7 is not speaking from personal knowledge of the Governor's position. Daniels has at no time endorsed SJR7. To the contrary, Daniels has been virtually alone among top leadership of either party to say publicly that same sex couples have rights as couples that ought to be accomodated in the law.

It is appropriate to press all politicians into opposition to SJR7. We undermine our ability to build momentum for change to SJR7 if we promulgate word that a politician favors SJR7 when a politician has said no such thing, especially if support for SJR7 is inconsistent with the views of that politician.

Regarding the HRO, in my opinion the Governor's position of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, which he held in the face of significant religious right onslaught, was among those factors without which the HRO would not have passed. Had the head of the ticket of the Republican Party not taken that position as a candidate, enabling the incumbent to adopt the position, and had the Daniels not honored the position as Governor that he took as candidate, the Mayor's office (in my opinion) would not have followed suit, and even the Democratic officeholders of the city county council would not have supported gender identity, as Talley's position was that the HRO needed to be consistent with the Mayor's policy.

Is all of this adequate? No. We have so much more we must do. But let's not depict enemies where enemies don't exist. Instead, our effort must be to flush into the open the substantial political and social support we enjoy.

I've never heard Daniels make those comments. Anything that I have read has been to the contrary:


I don't think he is an enemy, I just don't think he is gay friendly like Randy does in his post. I guess in Indiana we are so used to politicians that are hostile towards us that when we find one that is halfway tolerant, some are quick to put the "friendly" label on him. While I have several qualms with Daniels, I do think he is progressive and knows how vital the gay community is to an economy, therefore he tolerates us and "throws us a bone" on occasion.

Chris Douglas | April 2, 2006 4:38 PM

The comments I referred to regarding rights of same sex couples came in the context of the publicly aired debate with Eric Miller in the Republican primary, a context in which Daniels had little to gain by introducing thoughts on our partnership rights. But he did.

Endorsement by any politician of SJR7 is unacceptable and indefensible. Daniels has not crossed that line.

Recognize that Daniels' low popularity rating stems in part from the fact that evengelical Republicans, who would ordinarily be counted in a base of support for a sitting Republican governor, are not now happy, nor have they ever been happy, with Daniels.

Incidentally, I am not unhappy with Daniels... yet.... If SJR7 manages to pass the legislature without Daniels doing something serious to intervene, then I will be unhappy with him.

It is ironic that the other things that he has done, which have contributed to his low popularity, are things that I very much support... The Toll Road proposals, fiscal austerity until a budget balances, a willingness to entertain tax increases if necessary, and Daylight Savings Time... All these indicate a responsible governor concerned about the future of the state, not about what he needs to do to stay in power...While I have never interjected much other discussion in the gay community on economic matters, I note that the state has for too many years suffered under a lack of serious leadership on matters of economic development..

That statement on a lack of prior leadership, incidentally, is not a criticism of previous democratic governors more than Republican legislators. Instead, it is a statement about the disgraceful performance of our entire bipartisan political structure in this state.

Daniels has stepped on the sacred cows of everyone. I can tell you that there are Republican businessmen who are furious with the Governor for not channelling contracts in a partisan direction, in the manner of his predecessors.

I wouldn't at all mind if the programs the governor pushed produced a backlash that lost Republicans control of the House of Representatives.. even as I at the same time applaud those programs.

The Republican control of the House of Representatives is a signficant set-back, driving us to focus on defeating SJR7. Alas, next year, a defeat or amendment of SJR7 in my view must be virtually the only measure of our success as a community in Indiana. Nondiscrimination must take a back seat to the mission of defeat of SJR7.

Donkeyman | July 2, 2006 11:35 AM

Major Moves = Big Bowel Movement to poo on Hosers

rebbeca carlson | November 5, 2006 11:09 AM

Sucess in Indiana... Hmmm Let me see Mitch looked like a rabid dog when defending his selling our road? Before he leaves state what else can he sell? His is selling out state jobs... After campainging to "keep jobs in Indiana," the first thing he did was appoint a commission from Kentucky? Donahue "just loves the look of the dew on the raizor wire in the morning." Could that be becuase his buddies make big bucks on it?
Maybe someone aught to check the number of male verse female promotions in the state last year...