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South Dakota: Time to move

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Just when you think Indiana is bad...

South Dakota recently passed legislation that basically outlaws abortion. The idea is that the law will be challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court and will hopefully overturn Roe v Wade. I'm sure other contributors like Marla Stevens and Sheila Kennedy will have more information on this horrendous bill, but I wanted to share an article I found that really sums up the situation. (With a hat tip to Sheila for turning me on to Mark Morford from the San Francisco Gate...)

Attention all funky sexy single intelligent women of South Dakota (assuming there are any left):

It is time. Pack it up. Strip the bed, box up the cat, load the U-Haul, call your hip friends over in Minneapolis, move out West, or East, or anywhere with a mind-set not stuck like a bloody nail in the moral coffin of 1845. Let this be your clarion call. Get the hell out, right now.

Here is why: You state hates you. Your state, apparently run be pallid sexless demagogic men who think they know something of God and morality but know only ignominy and the smell of sulfur and death in their nightmares, thinks you are irresponsible dumb-ass meat, unable to handle your own decisions, your own body, your sex.

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