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Funny that my first post here was about this, but the Phelps family is making their way to Kokomo to protest a solder's funeral.

I hear there's been talk in the community about organizing a gathering of gays to go to Kokomo at the time of the funeral and "shielding" the family from these hateful beasts. Funeral services are set for next Monday.

I personally can't be there, but what do you think? Good idea?

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You know, the Phelps family makes their money off of suing those who lose their temper at one of their "righteous protests." They literally will get in your face hoping that you'll shove them or touch them so they can try to have you charged with assault and be able to sue you. It's no secret that most of the family big-dogs are attorneys. I've always made it a point to stay as far away from Fred Phelps and Clan as possible - it worries me that crazy might rub off...

I work until 2 pm that afternoon, but shielding the mourners would be a noble gesture.

Given our Fearless Leaders' policies though, I'm sure it won't be long until fred is nearer to us.

I don't know, Bil's advice about giving them an excuse to sue is sticking with me, and now that the governor has signed into law a measure to make protesting at funerals illegal (or at least make them stand far enough away to not be noticable), is this a moot point?