April 22, 2006

Songs for Sunday

Filed by Ellen Andersen | April 22, 2006 | 11:56 PM | comments

If Bil had his Jann Arden edition on Saturday, I had my Brandi Carlile edition. I am loving her self-titled debut album, and I've also grabbed her acoustic EP. So here are the 10 most recent Carlile songs 1. Throw...Read More

Songs for Sunday

Filed by Bil Browning | April 22, 2006 | 11:11 PM | comments

Long car trip to South Bend on Saturday - the ole iPod got some use on the trip... Apparently this is the Jann Arden edition. :) 1. Kitchen Window - Jann Arden 2. I'm Not Your Lover - Jann Arden...Read More

Cheney strikes again

Filed by Bil Browning | April 22, 2006 | 9:58 AM | comments

While it's a hoax photo, it's realistic looking enough that the Air Force went to investigate. Probably thought that Cheney had struck again... What slogan would you spray paint on Air Force One? I'd probably go for "Live Free...Read More

Desert Island

Filed by Bil Browning | April 22, 2006 | 7:42 AM | comments

Completely stolen from Shakespeare's Sister, which is another popular Hoosier blog... Stranded on a desert island (with plenty of electronics) edition... You get to take with you one of each of the following: ~ album ~ book ~ film ~...Read More