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Friday will be a dark and dreary day here in Indy as rain and gloom falls over the metropolis. Oh, you didn't hear? Our Lord of Darkness and Despair (aka Vice-President Dick Cheney) will visit Indianapolis on Friday and the city will tremble.

The Dick is coming to raise money for Republican candidates for office. Baaaaaad Republicans like City-County Councilor Scott Schneider not good Republicans like Councilor Scott Keller - to put it in Indianapolis terms. He's coming to raise money for the enemy.

Now feel free to go protest, distribute literature, or do whatever you feel you have to do to show displeasure at the sight of Satan's favorite Dick darkening our fair city. By all means, do it loudly. :) But here's a way you can help too...

On Thursday, April 20th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at 2050 North New Jersey Street, the Greater Indianapolis Fairness Alliance will be hosting a wine and cheese fundraiser. GIFA is raising funds for State Representative David Orentlicher (86-Indianapolis) as well as Democratic candidate Susan Fuldauer. While David is so well known around the LGBT community, I don't think I need to give him much of an intro, Fuldauer is running against Indiana Speaker of the House Brian Bosma (88 - Geist).

Brian Bosma is one of those baaaaaaad Republicans we talked about earlier. He's been the driving force behind the attempt to foist a constitutional amendment on us that not only bans same-sex marriage, but outlaws civil unions, inheritance rights, hospital visitation and could invalidate thousands of already standing civil contracts and private arrangements. And worse, he's not a religious zealot either - he climbed on the "attack gays" bandwagon just as a wedge issue to try to raise funds from the state's sheeple.

Susan Fuldauer needs to win. And to win, she needs a campaign warchest. And that means donations from us. David Orentlicher will be in a tight race again this year as well - and we all know that David is a true friend of the community. I see him at community events all over town and his voting record is spectacular.

So go to the GIFA fundraiser. They're asking for a $25 donation. But hell, make it two donations of $25 - one for Susan and the other for David. After all, the biggest Dick's fundraiser will rake in a lot more than $50 per person to shake hands and pose for photos with someone who just shot another guy in the face...

See you there.

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