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Kiser v/s Carson Some Thoughts

Filed By Bruce Parker | April 29, 2006 1:40 AM | comments

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Julia Carson -

I first learned that Julia Carson existed last year at Indianapolis Gay Pride when she took the stage to speak about equality. She was impressive, inspiring and motivating. Later I learned that it wasn't a moment but a lifetime of her work that is inspiring.

Kris Kiser -

I just don't get it. Today, as I was talking about Mr. Kiser with my friend and graduate advisor (sorry if you get sued Erik), I was shocked to hear Erik say that Kris attended his church and seemed to be an incredibly nice man. Well, I have avoided thinking much about this issue because politics interests me but not in this way. I also don't really like when personal lives become extremely central in political campaigns. However, here we are in a place where the blog has had to remove a post do to threat of litigation.

For fucks sake Kris, let it go. You need to email bil and tell him to put the post back up. Even if it was in bad taste (sorry Marla, I don't think it was but you know some folks might), as a potential Democratic legislator. I would hope you would fight for freedom of speech and freedom of press.

I am now convinced not only are you very intent on hiding things but also seem dedicated to throwing around your financial power in this way is infuriating. Bilerico is a small blog and cannot afford legal fees of any sort. You clearly feel like your money give you the power to make sure the blog is silenced. Thats too bad and you are very unfortunate. Perhaps, good people like Marla are posting about you for good reasons - Maybe, your something we should be scared of. Chances are I will bump into you and your apparently very attractive and well-endowed boyfriend at a bar sometime soon. If that happens say hi. Although I won't vote for you - I have never ruled out hooking up with cute couples.

And finally - Steph Mineheart at exhibited serious ovaries.

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