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Really late to the Best Picture game

Filed By Jennifer Wagner | April 08, 2006 10:58 PM | comments

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I don't often wear socks. In fact, I'd go barefoot all year around if I could. But when I wear socks, and I watch a Best Picture winner, I expect to have those socks knocked three states over.

Yeah, our household's a little late to this year's Academy Awards. We watched the show, but we'd only seen two of the Best Picture nominees at the time -- Brokeback Mountain and Capote. We thought both were excellent, but I thought Brokeback would take the top honors because it was a) compelling; b) believable; c) beautifully crafted; and d) new territory.

When Crash was announced as the winner, I was disappointed, but I figured, heck, it must be knock-yer-socks-off good. Better than the Brokeback. Better than Capote. Better than chocolate.

Fast-forward a month or so, and we finally get around to watching the movies Netflix has shipped our way. I'm not allowed to watch my politically and media-oriented documentaries while the other half is in the house, so we popped in Crash. You know, for an uplifting Saturday night flick. Ahem.

This movie is good, but it's not Best Picture good. It's interesting, though I was left wondering whether there are only three cops patrolling the streets of Los Angeles at any given time. It's decently told if you're willing to suspend a whole bundle of disbelief. It's edgy enough, but this is previously trodden ground.

In short, Academy, I'd like to thank thee for picking a movie that made me think. About the other movies you could've elevated to Best In The Land. Sorry to chime in a day late and a few bucks short, but I'd really like it if just once, the movie experts could pick as best flick a cinematic work that really, truly breaks through the white noise.

Rant ended.

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