May 25, 2006


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Excerpts from a Unitarian Universalist Sermon... Our task is neither intellectual exercise, nor mere activism. It requires that we root ourselves firmly in our deepest moral and spiritual convictions. Therefore, above all, attend diligently to your relationship with the Divine--the root which will give you strength for the journey and courage to speak. Pray, meditate, and sing. Walk in the sun, and rest. In this way, may we journey together from unknowing into awareness, from silence into speech, from acceptance into action, sending down deep roots to the Divine and aligning our lives with our deepest values. Read More

To Be Expected...

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As we might expect, the American Family Association is all twisted up over Senator Bayh's position on the FMA. Or the Marriage Protection Act, as Mr. Wildmon is wont to call it. Mr. Wildmon remains clueless about any number of...Read More