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A Real-Life Parable for Moderate Republicans

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Throughout the 1990's, our company, Newman Equipment, Inc. made money, often in spite of itself.

I knew we had some fundamental problems, but ya know, you're humming along, making money, why rock the boat?

In the early 2000's when the economy first softened and subsequently went to hell in a hand-basket, Newman Equipment wasn't humming along any more, and by 2002 we were perilously close to losing our family business. Our fundamental problems could no longer be ignored.

It is Newman Equipment's 1990's for Republicans in Indiana, although I would argue that nationally Newman Equipment's 2002 is rapidly approaching.

The moderates know the fundies in the house are trouble, but they're thinking "ya know, we're humming along, winning elections and keeping control, why rock the boat?"

Until the invasion of the right-wing minority starts costing them elections, moderates are going to sit idly by, fearful of rocking the boat just as I was.

When the radical right does finally start costing the Republicans elections, they will be tossed from the building and returned to their rightful historical place of throwing rocks at it.

Sadly, much more damage will likely be done before this happens.

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