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Bayh Redux

Filed By Linda Perdue | May 24, 2006 5:44 PM | comments

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Finally having a moment to review my thoughts and notes from the Bayh/Blogfest this past Monday. Read with interest most of the bloggers comments both on Bilerico and numerous other blogs.

Thanks to Bil Browning, I was invited to attend the lunch at Shapiro's, truly a spectacular place to have breakfast and/or lunch. As you're aware, I'm not a regular poster on Bilerico or on any blog, but I'm a sometimes commentor. It's never because I don't have an opinion... Thankfully this post will be sweetly short.

I asked the first question which simply was, "Senator Bayh, how will you vote on the FMA?" I didn't ask for details, if he'd be voting for cloture, nada. He answered that he would be voting no. He expanded somewhat on the topic, then moved to the next question. At that point, he did come back and say that his position was the same as Dick Cheney's. I found that disappointing in that I'd prefer Senator Bayh (D) would vote against it on moral grounds, on grounds that the US Constitution shouldn't be used to formalize and legitimize bigotry, that this type of homophobia and hatred has no place in our society. I would be incredibly happy if he wouldn't take direction from Dick C.

The 2nd question was asked by the blogmeister, BIl B. As he has written, he asked about the Senator's position on the state marriage amendment. The Senator was seemingly unfamiliar with the wording of SJR7 and was flumoxxed by the question. Everyone who reads this blog is well aware of the battle over the marriage amendment in Indiana and we assume everyone in the Hoosier World is as well. The Senator seemed to not have a good grasp of when it had come up, where in the process it was, and perhaps even what the process is to amend the Indiana state constitution. Assuming Senator Bayh is still a citizen of Indiana and registered to vote here, I believe it is incumbent upon all of us to urge him to pay some attention to what's going on in the state, particularly on a hot topic like this one. We cannot assume that because it's so important to us, that it is also important to him or to Senator Lugar, or all of our US representatives.

In his defense, I would like to point out again that Senator Bayh has been particularly receptive to National Stonewall Democrats, based in Washington D.C. We've yet to see him at an Indiana Stonewall Democrats event but we will continue to invite him. And we will continue to educate him on this and other topics of interest to the LGBT community in Indiana. I would invite you to join us in that endeavor.

Senator Bayh also was asked about the strategy that Democrats might use in the next election. While he didn't share any of those points, he did say that the Republicans will attack Democrats on 3 points: Democrats can't defend the country, they tax and spend, and they don't share the "values" of the rest of the country. Don't you think we're included in those "values"? Another rough ride ahead of us!!

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Chris Douglas | May 24, 2006 7:06 PM

Good post, Linda.

I'm not so sure values will be as big as they think. It seems as though the immigration thing came from out of nowhere. Now I am getting emails from the fringe right about it AND, more importantly, it seems to be polling well (ie - effective wedge).

Bad news for the immigrants, as they will suffer the same crap we have. I'm not sure what it means for us though.

Marla R Stevens | June 20, 2006 2:15 PM

Interesting take on the meeting, Linda. I think you've actually managed the vaunted "fair and balanced" -- a rare feat!