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1. Students Trade Bibles for Porn via XBiz
2. Dear Mr. President video by Pink via YouTube (sent in by alert reader Kay)
3. Robbie Williams to make album for gay fans via 429 News
4. Campari commercial with a surprise ending via Epica Awards
5. Semen acts as an anti-depressant via New Scientist

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Okay, so if I have sex with a guy (hot gay anal sex), does my semen have the same effect?

Time for a trial of my own, I suppose.


Whoknows? | May 5, 2006 10:28 AM

Maybe. I think in the psychological thing it is that some women feel that are wanted sexually if their man 'gets off' in them. That their man is sexually excited by them and ejaculates in them thinking of them, not just a man ejaculating in them.

Whether anal sex, or oral sex, or and hand job, (or any other means of sexual stimulation), etc. the person causing the climax is satified with the prize of having caused the climax in the partner they have as the oject of their affections. The other partner, if he or she is honest says it was great or thanks or something not just shoot, or cum and go.

If it were just an ejaculation thing why don't pros, or one night stands have the same feelings?

I think the same holds true for same sex couples or singles, if the person they are having sex with really means something to them or stimulates them as a sexual partner.

There is the human pleasure aspect of having sexually satisfied your partner to climax at work here. Them being satified that you were able to satisfy them to the point of climax if you are person making it happen.

Not so in the case of it being just another body there the person uses while making a mental fantasy of someoneelse while doing you or vice versa.

The satisfaction is in the person receiving and the person giving being the objects and causes of the sexual satisfaction to climax of each other and the proof of that in men is the squirt of semen, in women the unfaked orgasm.