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Today's version of links I thought were interesting but couldn't write a whole post about. Usually I try to go for funny or entertaining, but this week I tried to go a little more serious. Enjoy. :)

1. How AIDS Changed America via (sent in by alert reader Kim)
2. Price of gas pumps up pawnshop loans via Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette
3. He's the chat show queen of Pakistan via The Observer
4. To love could be criminal again via Washington Blade Online (This should be required reading for all LGBT people)
5. Parents sue school over same-sex fairy tale via Yahoo News

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"To love could be criminal again" is indeed important, but I fail to see the connection the GLBT community. It seems like a last-ditch effort to appeal to a community that "maybe, might, perhaps" champion equal rights for illegal immigrants.

It would be terrible for a "bi-national" couple to be persecuted, but the issue is neither gay nor straight; it applies to everyone. Perhaps the author ought to have touched on race, as it may be a factor in police determining who is and isn't a "bi-national" couple.