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As I've been talking to some of the other contributors, I've realized that while I have this great great program that allows me to see the site's statistics, none of the other contributors get to see this information (except Jerame). I've shared this or that with various contributors, but I've never done a post on what our stats are. And let me tell you, our stats just keep going up as word spreads about us!

Keep in mind that this month technically isn't over until midnight, so the stats would go up around midnight. But some of the things that you learn from the statistics can be hilarious. First the actual numbers - then the funny stuff. I promise.

The stat everyone wants to know... How many hits are we getting? With so few people commenting, sometimes our contributors feel like they're shouting into the wind... (hint, hint)

Total monthly hits for February: 86,901
Total monthly hits for March: 103,338
Total monthly hits for April: 131,421
Total monthly hits for May (so far): 149,472 (We're sooo close to breaking the high water mark of 150,000 hits in a month. Won't you share with your friends and help us break the record?)

So far this month we're averaging 4,821.68 hits a day. Our highest day ever was the day we posted the interviews with Julia Carson and Kris Kiser. That day we had 7978 hits. The number one post this month was "Five Questions for Congressional Candidate Kris Kiser"

Where our readers coming from? Who has links to us and sends more viewers to us? The top five websites sending us hits:

1. Advance Indiana
3. Sardonic Bomb
4. Taking Down Words
5. Indiana Blog Review

SEARCH TERMS (the funny stuff)
Some of the search terms people find us under off of Google, Yahoo, etc are pretty hilarious. The top two search terms this month were:

1. rafael verga - In reference to this post: Hung up on Rafael Verga
2. larry the cable guy - In reference to: Larry the Cable Guy

Some of the more amusing search terms that found us...
"olivia hussy bra size"
"i'm the decider koo-koo-ka-choo"
"gerbil politics"
"is jake gyllenhaal circumcised"
"how old do you have to be to buy a handgun in indiana"

Several of our contributors have also been Googled apparently. Some of the other search terms people have added makes you grin. Contributors who's searches have led them to bilerico include:
randy studt (In the top ten for search terms!)
scott barnes
jeff newman
marla stevens and washington post
bil browning
chris douglas indianapolis
linda perdue
michelle o mara
bruce parker songs
annette gross bunnies
bruce parker antioch
bruce parker education indiana

But our most popular searched for author is Jennifer Wager. She got the following search terms this month:
jen wagner
jennifer wagner indiana
jennifer a. wagner marion county indiana democratic communication director
jennifer wagner taking down words blog
jennifer wagner democratic
jennifer wagner indiana democratic party
communications director jennifer wagner indiana
jen wagner indiana

So are we doing as well as you expected? Better? Worse? What search terms would you think to use to find on the web?

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Wowzers. I'm your most searched-for author?

That must mean I need to write something for Bilerico.

And soon.

Bil--thanks for sharing the stats--they are quite impressive. I'm honored to learn that Advance Indiana is your number #1 referring site. As you've learned, the referrals are what drive traffic to the site.

I enjoy studying my site meter, but it often raises more questions than it answers for me. I know you guys use a different meter than my site. I've noticed that syndicators register far more hits for my site than my actual meter shows. Do you guys know why that is?

I help keep Leftyblogs as your #2 referral. I am a blog junkie and I use that as a base, link to Bilerico, from here I splinter off into the various links you have, go back to leftyblogs and link to some others and splinter off again. Hence the accurate term "web"

Doing this several times a day, I no doubt keep all your hit counts up. :-) It also seems to me that message boards are out and comment sections are in.


I'm not so sure on your syndication feed hits. Each program seems to have a different way of counting. I know that our meter doesn't count our RSS feeds - only people who have gone to the site. It has our RSS, Atom and XML feeds listed differently.

With so many referrals to, I'm sure your site gets some heavy duty traffic as well. I'm curious though - can you see how many referrals we're giving to you? I hope it's several. You were well and above our highest referral. Actually you were the top two referrals - once for (160)and then in #2 came with 114.