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I've been keeping some news from you. It's not that I didn't want to tell you, I just didn't want to talk about it for fear it would jinx the whole deal. Something kept going wrong with this or that, so I didn't want to make an announcement that wasn't going to come true. I wanted to share with you, gentle readers, but didn't feel safe doing so. And now I can. It's official.

Jerame and I bought a house yesterday!

We closed. It's ours. We finally got it. It's been a long, hard struggle from the beginning - a regular nightmare scenario. But we have bought our first house. We're officially grown up.

So, notwithstanding the problems we had with financing, choosing a house, getting repairs done, and finally with closing (postponed three - almost four - times!), we've finally made it. We move on Sunday. (So any of you big strong readers who feel like helping out, leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll be sure to hook you up with times and needs!)

It's a two-story Colonial. It's close to Irvington (I think the name of the neighborhood is Little Flower actually.) and needs some work. It has like 3000 sq ft, an attic, a basement and a fireplace. We're getting a new roof before we move in and it has a new furnace, water heater, fridge and stove. The electrical system is being totally upgraded and some other minor work is being done this week.

I'm excited and kind of scared. This is a big step forward not only for our relationship but for our financial status. I never thought I'd buy a house in Indiana - and the road ahead for LGBT Hoosiers doesn't look rosy. But as involved in the fight as we've become, it only seems natural to stay and fight for what we want our society to look like rather than fleeing to a blue state.

And after the fight, we'll be able to come home.

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Yay! I wish you lots of good luck and a smooth moving experience.

Hearty congratulations to the whole family.

Congratulations guys! I love that area of the city. It's one of the places I'd like to move to whenever I can afford to buy.

Congratulations!!!! I knew you would do it! I wish you many happy years together in your new home!!!!

Hey guys.. that's great news! About time you joined the rest of us property taxpayers and became solid citizens. You know it's Prop Tax that makes people conservative.. that and kids!


Congrats! You know that Little Flower and nearby Holy Cross neighborhoods are the new up and coming neighborhoods that the gays are taking over and transforming. :-)

Melissa Williams | June 22, 2006 10:11 AM

Congratulations! My dad grew up in Irvington and my grandparents lived there until last year. It is a very fun side of town. If you need any help with demo, paint or spackle, I'm your queer! I worked at a low-income housing co-op in college so I am handy with a crowbar and a paint brush.

I'm glad to have you all in the neighborhood and can't wait to get you active in Eastside politics!