July 4, 2006

Of Mice and Men

Filed by Chris Douglas | July 04, 2006 | 1:41 PM | comments

According to the science section of the New York Times today, the discomfort of two mice, who have been administered a 30-minute stomach ache, is enhanced if the two mice are acquainted. If you can follow along, when mouse #1...Read More

Coming Out?

Filed by Bruce Parker | July 04, 2006 | 12:20 AM | comments

I am a masters student at Purdue University in Curriculum Studies. I just completed the class session component of a summer maymester qualitative research methods class (EDCI 615: Qualitative Research Methods). We had to write and present a proposal for a research project that uses qualitative research methods. I decided to try something new and do a biography of one of my friends. Who has been partnered with a transman for over five years and dated transmen prior to her current partner. So much of the literature around transfolks ignore the experiences and understandings their partners bring to the conversation and the community. So I wanted to focus on her experiences and her identity instead of her partners. When I presented my proposal as an interpretive biography it was well received. However, instead of focusing on my research design and any methodological issues the questions all dealt with trans 101 type information and especially how someone could end up in a relationship with a trans person. They couldn't wrap their heads around how a straight or gay person could want that because it doesn't fit in any category they understand.Read More