July 16, 2006

Songs for Sunday -- the packing edition

Filed by Ellen Andersen | July 16, 2006 | 9:56 PM | comments

I'm finishing up a very lovely week in Cape May, NJ. Here are some of the songs I've been packing to.. 1. Eleanor -- Low Millions 2. Alchohol -- Bare Naked Ladies 3. Stop Playing Guitar -- The Promise Ring...Read More

Songs for Sunday

Filed by Bil Browning | July 16, 2006 | 11:30 AM | comments

1. Come What May - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman (from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack) 2. Fall So Deep - Gary Barlow 3. Call Me (Live) - Blondie 4. Driven By You - Queen 5. Your House - Jimmy Eat...Read More


Quote of the Day

Filed by Ed Team | July 16, 2006 | 11:22 AM | comments

"Dear Lord, in this time of war against Osama Bin Laden and the oppressive Taliban regime, we are thankful that OUR leader isn't the spoiled son of a powerful politician from a wealthy family who is supported by religious fundamentalists,...Read More

Sunday Chuckles

Filed by Annette Gross | July 16, 2006 | 10:27 AM | comments

Attn: Entrepreneurs: Everyone knows that if you are going to operate a business in today's world you need a domain name. It is advisable to look at the domain name selected as others see it and not just as you...Read More