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Bush: Sexual Predator?

Filed By Bil Browning | July 19, 2006 2:04 PM | comments

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Check out these pics of our fearless leader trying to put the make on German Chancellor Angela Merkel... Apparently during the G8 summit, Monkey Boy decided that the German leader looked a little tense.

Ms. Merkel does not appear pleased that the American President has decided to give her a shoulder rub. Maybe she's worried that she'll get "cooties" from our Liar-In-Chief...

Shakespeare's Sister has a really funny post up about Bush's inability to keep his hands to himself. I love the pictures of Bush rubbing bald guys' heads.

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Marla R. Stevens | July 20, 2006 4:29 AM

No doubt it's sexual harassment -- and check the vacant look away as if he's on some wierd frat-boy autopilot thinking if he looks the other way, nobody will notice his boorish act.

If anyone reading this list voted for this creep, I suggest you 'fess up and beg forgiveness in public -- like on the fifty yard line of the next nationally televised Colts game.

Shrub, for penance, should have to hand copy a book on business etiquette and write a full page of sentences, for publication in the world's major newspapers, "I'll never embarrass my country again."

I've read others suggesting that she should've decked him. I've been in that sort of situation and it's really hard, trained as women are to not make scenes, to deal with being demeaned in public that way. It takes practice to get the best responses to rise above that. In this case, she couldn't deck him but she might've been able to discretely reach around and grab him by the balls. If I had the ability to chat with Chancellor Merkel, I'd suggest she get her practicing in on her security people who let our Head Groper In Charge get that close to her. With enough practice, I imagine they'd never let it happen again!