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A friend of ours stopped by yesterday with an article in her pocket she wanted Jerame and I to read. In fact, the article is so well written that I thought I'd share it with all of you as well.

The article comes from the Indianapolis Business Journal. It's Bruce Hetrick's "Notions" column from last week. Hetrick is the president and CEO of Hetrick Communications Inc., a public relations and marketing communications firm. His column this week focuses on the notion of being superior because you're different - and ties it into gay and lesbian rights. If I remember correctly, he also had an article in the IBJ about Indianapolis's human rights ordinance when it was coming up for a vote.

The entire article is well thought out and interesting and well worth a read. One of the best parts of the column those deals with the New York City explosion that happened a couple weeks ago. Remember? A four-story building blew up and the cable news networks were all over it. Was it terrorism? An attack against New York? The story dropped off the news cycle before I ever found out what had really happened. I assumed it was a gas leak or some such. Hetrick fills us in on what really happened.

Meanwhile, in New York, the state's Court of Appeals issued a ruling not on gay rights in general, but gay marriage in particular. In a 4-2 decision, the court said there is no right to gay marriage.

The court's chief judge, Judith S. Kaye, issued what The New York Times called "a sharp dissent" saying that "barring gay marriage was tantamount to barring interracial marriage, as laws formerly did" and that "the long duration of a constitutional wrong cannot justify its perpetuation, no matter how strongly tradition or public sentiment might support it."

But, The Times said, Judge Robert S. Smith's majority opinion carried the day, finding "that limiting marriage to couples of the opposite sexes was based on legitimate societal goals, primarily the protection and welfare of children. 'It could well be argued,' he said, 'that children are better off raised by a biological mother and father, rather than by a gay or lesbian couple.'"

Not always.

Next day, the front page of the Times carried a top-of-the-fold story and photo about a blast that leveled a four-story townhouse on the upper east side of Manhattan.

It seems that a couple-a biological mother and father, no less-have been entangled in a nasty divorce from an often-nasty marriage. The biological mother and her attorney tried to force the biological father to sell the house and pay her more than $4 million. He apparently said "over my dead body" and almost accomplished that by blowing himself up with the property.

But hey, if less-than-perfect heterosexual parents can perpetuate the illusion that homosexual parents are "less than" or "bad," then they can always feel good about themselves.

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