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Jesus fish and septic tanks

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Tags: has up an excellent post today about septic tanks and the Jesus fish. While I'll give you a taste here, go read the whole thing - it's short and well worth the time. Plus, it'll make you chuckle...

I don't know if this is a midwest/southern thing, but what's up with all the small businesses (plumbers, roofing contractors, computer repair people, painters) prominently displaying a jesus fish, cross draped with cloth, or other such christian symbols as a part of their business card, vehicle graphics or yellow pages advertisements?...

Seriously, though. Exactly what is it about a "christian" septic tank cleaning service that makes it more worthy of my custom? Are they more honest or trustworthy than one owned by a non-advertised christian, jew, agnostic, muslim or zoroastrian? Is it in some way intrinsically better qualified to suck the shit out of my septic tank? Do they bless the tank so that it doesn't clog up again? Is the pumped-out poo somehow sanctified so that it can make all the sewage at the treatment plant holy by extension? I kinda think not on all counts.

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This goes along with the one I saw years ago when I lived in Virginia "my boss is a Jewish carpenter". Well, it took me a while to figure that one out!

As a Jewish person, I personally am not too crazy about these ads, but I understand them. People want to give business to the group they belong to. Of course, since Christians are in the majority, I would think this wouldn't be necessary. Then again, as my friend Sarah told me when I complained about the "Choose Life" license plates being sold in Indiana, we do enjoy freedom of speech, so what can you do?

There has been a big resurgence of Christian pride over the past 25 years, and that's just the way it is. I just wish that these people would remember that they are not the only ones living in this nation.........

Drving by on Michigan Road last week on the way home, I saw an advertisement for people nurses who want to work in a Christian environment..... I have seen lots of businesse around town in Indianapolis who have the christian symbol on them. I think they want other people to know they are Christian and if they want a Christian service they should go to them. Not because they are better... because they are Christian.

I even saw one for a hair stylist place which advertised reading/hearing the Word of God while you got your hair done???
Yes it's all here!

Thanks for the link, Bil.

I gotta wonder about that christian hairstylist though. At least on religious television, the hairstyles are beyond atrocious.

If you think about it, is it any different than the rainbow stickers gay businesses have in their windows?

For some reason all I can think of is that Ray Stevens song "would Jesus wear a rolex on his television show"

"Real" Christians aren't supposed to need the fishes or ribbons or crosses or any of that stuff. Others should be able to just "tell" they are Christians because there is an obvious difference about them since being saved.

Of course, this current crop of "Christians" is so worried about the heathens of this country "taking the Christ out of X-Mas" they haven't noticed that they pretty much stripped the Christ out of Christian!

Oops! I meant since being born again, not saved. To some those two are interchangable. I've not yet made my mind up about the distinction

I once heard a great sermon by a Methodist paster that relates to what paula said.

He stated, "A Christian should live in such a way that when he is brought before a court and charged as being a Christian, he'll be convicted." A life lived without conviction-- based on the whole gospel, not just Romans, isn't very Christian.

Marla R. Stevens | July 13, 2006 7:47 PM

I see these businesses as more likely than others to be owned by my oppressors, thus am always grateful to them for letting me know where NOT to put my pennies!