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Do you remember the post I had up earlier this month about Friday night's Matt Gold concert? No? Well, go look then; I'll wait here. *taps foot*

Oh! Are you back? Okay then.

Matt called me today to tell me about the articles that came out in today's IDS (Indiana Daily Student) and the Bloomington Herald Times. Both papers had mentions of his concert, but the IDS featured him heavily in their Weekend section. The first thing that Matt told me about the IDS article was that I was quoted in the article. Quoted?

It all started earlier in the week. Matt was in New York on vacation when the IDS reporter called to talk to him about the story. There had been a mix up somewhere and the reporter couldn't find Matt's picture to run with the article. He told Matt that he'd seen a picture of Matt on - could he just use that picture since Matt was out of town? Matt was floored that anyone knew what was! (You know how exes are. You'll never amount to anything!) Matt called me from New York to tell me, "You're a lifesaver."

So I already knew that the picture that was going to run came from the website, but a quote? Which part could he have used? Do I sound intelligent? Do I sound musical? Authoritative? Hell, no.

The funniest part though is that juxtaposed with my tid-bit about his sound (which they found on a very political blog) is a couple of paragraphs on Matt's politics which highlights one of the many reasons why Matt is an ex. While I think most readers would agree that politics and issues are a driving force for me, Matt is not a political junkie. He's music and entertainment and song writing. I'm news and politics and taking a stand. We drove each other nuts! I wanted him to be more involved politically and it didn't interest him in the least... But you know, ten years later we're still great friends.

"Imagine if Rufus Wainwright joined Depeche Mode and then had a baby with Tori Amos...Got the mental picture? That baby would be Matt," wrote Bil Browning on the Web site

You won't discover what political candidates Gold likes or dislikes from listening to his music because he does not write about world issues. That's not the reason people listen to his music.

"I'm a performer," Gold said. "People want to hear my music, not my political or religious views".

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