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What should he be called?

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So I blogged a couple days ago that we have a new kitty living in our home. His name that he came with is Mr. Kennedy - which is based on a wrestler. (The kitty is a BIG talker - and apparently the wrestler is a loudmouth. Both of them tend to announce themselves when they come into a room.)

No one in our family is into wrestling in any way. I'm sure that there are plenty of positives to professional wrestling, but I'm not interested in learning them. Mr. Kennedy needs a new name.

When I had originally considered adopting an orange male cat, I had planned on naming the kitty "Tequila" so I could shorten it and call him "Teekie." I had a plan. I had everything all set up. The advance team had done its job.

But Mr. Kennedy is not an orange cat. He's gray. And very fluffy (or as he prefers, "aristrocratic") He talks constantly and wants attention and love just about 24/7. He's made up with the dogs now and will even purr and meow to them as he walks up to rub up against them. The dogs, while grateful he's no longer slicing and dicing, don't know what to think and stand there looking dumbfounded. He follows us from room to room yeowing and meowing the whole way. If you wiggle your fingers he'll come running to you since he thinks that means you want an animal to love on. He's very ornery and fearless and has even made it halfway up the chimney once already. (We had to block the chimney afterwards - but imagine how long and what it took to get him back down! Needless to say, to "ensure success," lesbians were involved.) He was rescued - half-starved and desperate for a friend - by his foster parents in a Carmel shopping center.

So there you go - a quick bio for kitty. He's a rescue cat and very needy. He won't shut up and constantly seeks attention. You've seen his picture(s) and know most of his stories. What name speaks for him?

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I say Teddy.

After another Mr. Kennedy. :-)

Bruce Parker | July 26, 2006 8:17 PM

You could name him something cute, something cuddly, something like Bruce...

My 13-year-old daughter recommends naming him "Shut Up" since he talks so much. She reasons that he'll learn his name quickly. I think he's far too regal for such a name. Maybe "Your Highness".

Marla R. Stevens | July 27, 2006 1:59 AM

He is elegant and verbal and I love the Teddy idea...How about Mr. Teddy Noisy Kitty?