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An alert reader sent me a link to the Washington Post article, "Portrait of a Blogger: Under 30 and Sociable." The Pew Internet & American Life Project survey results are interesting for showing us how far beyond the pale is...

While the survey found that more than half of bloggers are younger than thirty, a quick look at current bilerico contributors finds the opposite. Only three of our bloggers are under thirty. (There are 18 contributors to right now.)

Another interesting tidbit was that 60 per cent of bloggers use their website as a personal journal - to keep family and friends up to date on what's going on in their lives. Only a slim few are actually focused on one issue, but blog readership is growing at a tremendous rate. The article reports that blog tracker Technocrati now counts over 49 million blogs while the amount of blog readers has doubled in the past two years.

More than half of bloggers are younger than 30, and a majority use their blogs as a mode of creative expression, the survey found. Money-making possibilities motivate only 15 percent of bloggers, and most blog on a variety of topics, with 11 percent focusing on politics.

They are also less likely to be white than the general Internet-using population, and more than half live in suburban areas, according to Pew. ...

About 33 percent of bloggers see blogging as a form of journalism, the survey showed.

"The average blogger is a 14-year-old girl writing about her cat," said Alexander Halavais, an assistant professor of interactive communications at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Typical bloggers are not ranting about politics or trying to be hard-core journalists, he said. "The survey shows that blogging is really a community-based activity and a way of connecting with people."

I wouldn't say that here at we consider ourselves "hard-core journalists" but I know that I don't just think of bilerico as my personal journal either. I do think of the site as "a community-based activity and a way of connecting with people" though. And while we don't just cover politics, it is a large part of the content...

What are your thoughts? Do you like bilerico's multiple points-of-view? The numerous topics for posts and conversations? Does the age of contributors make a difference to you?

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Well, first of all, I am over 50 and I don't have a cat! Second, I like the format of bilerico. I think it's pretty much focused and that's why I'm here. Of course we sometimes do get "personal" but I like the format of this site. I like being able to read other people's points of view and sharing and learning. Thanks!

I like the multiple points of view. Any one person will always gravitate to issues they feel kinship with and multiple contributors can only broaden the pool of topics. Besides. I don't think I'd be near as interested if this were a collective of 14 year old kitty-bloggers, though I may be wrong.