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Indiana Black Pride Today: Booksigning at A Shade of Grey Bookstore

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Today marks the beginning of Indiana Black Pride's second season of Pride Week events. Tonight at 6:30, Darvin Lewis, a local author, will discuss and sign his book How Big is Your Faith at A Shade of Grey, a new woman-centered bookstore and community center on North Pennsylvania Street.

How Big is Your Faith is a new provocative novel that deals with scandal, sex, drama, and the black church. The "black church" is much on our minds today. As a former English teacher (not reformed), I can attest that you will not find "the truth" about the black church, or anything else, in a novel. (You will not fit it anywhere except by living.) But you will find out what someone thinks about it, and if you are lucky, an emotional truth that the author has articulated; you will gain a perspective not your own; you will explore issues you may never have considered. The discussion this evening will be an easy entry into that journey and this year's Indiana Black Pride.

This event is free.

I am puzzled by the reticence of people to venture out into groups with names do not fit them perfectly. You may attend Seymour PFLAG even if you are not from Seymour--you may join. You are most welcome at Indiana Black Pride no matter who you are, as long as you come to have a wonderful time and learn and share your own experience. Perhaps it is a little complicated: Indiana Black Pride is a grassroots organization dedicated to efforts that nurture pride and unity within the African-American same-gender-loving gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community, and everyone is welcome to help in that worthy effort. You are not merely welcome, we want your help. At the same time, Indiana Black Pride toils to build a strong community through communication, positive visibility, and educational opportunities while facilitating and fostering relationships within the community. It is important that our visibility, while unequivocally Black and GLBT, is inclusive of everyone. The message is not of African American GLBT folk in isolation, but in an inclusive community of all colors, shades, identities, orientations, faiths and persuasions, proud to express the vibrant, colorful, joyous contributions of Black GLBT persons to our state and our country.

A Shade of Grey Bookstore
1402 N. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

For IndyGo riders, you can visit us by taking the following routes:

Number 19 - Heading into Downtown, there is a stop located 1/2 a block south of the store.
Number 18, 38, and 39- There is a stop on 14th and Meridian. We are located one block east of the bus stop.

A Shade of Gray Bookstore is located:
2 blocks north of I-65 and I-70
2 blocks north of the Ten nightclub
5 blocks north of Urban Element
6 blocks north of The Abbey Coffeehouse and the Central Library

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