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I've been seeing another

Filed By Bil Browning | August 30, 2006 11:24 AM | comments

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I have a confession to make, gentle readers. I've been seeing another blog.

It started out simply enough. The casual flirtation of hanging out together for a short while, checking each other out and then parting ways quickly. Soon I was back for more, just to see if anything had changed between us. When opportunity presented itself, how could I say no? We had so much in common...

Seriously though, most of you know that I work for Lambda Consulting, a local lobbying and organizational management firm. Until recently, I've worked exclusively on the Indiana Equality account. At the beginning of this month, however, my focus changed a bit. While I'm still tying together some unfinished business for IE, I will be leaving that account soon to focus on a new client, the American Values Alliance (AVA).

The AVA has been a link off of for a good while now (see the left side of the page!). Contributor Sheila Kennedy is a board member of the AVA. Other board members include president Art Farnsley, Bill Groth (the attorney handling the Democrat's court challenge to the Voter ID law), and Indianapolis City-County Councilor Scott Keller. While most board members are successful citizens from around the state, none of them had the time or inclination to spend the energy required to keep a blog regularly updated and fresh. Here's where I enter the picture...

When I was offered the chance to take over the AVA blog, I jumped at the opportunity. I've been updating and posting to the AVA website regularly. (I update content every weekday.) The AVA is concerned not with partisan politics, but with key American values that both sides of the aisle should be supporting - civility and fair play. There is no need for the highly partisan bickering that locks our country into the roles of "liberal" and "conservative" - "left-wing" and "right-wing." More action and success has happened when politicians reached across the divide to civilly discuss the issues of importance and work out compromises. And I believe in that viewpoint.

So come on over to the AVA website and see what's cooking. Some recent posts have called both Democrats and Republicans to task for shenanigans that in no way raised the level of debate. (This week's posts have been about Alabama state legislator candidate Patricia Todd and Florida Representative Katherine Harris's campaign.) While you're there, leave a comment or two if you're so inclined. Tell your friends. Link to the site from your own website. Add the RSS feed to your list.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving you gentle readers. I'll still be posting daily to too. If you see a topic that you think I would have posted about and don't see it here, look over there; I won't be cross-posting any stories. The entire AVA site will be undergoing a remodel soon - watch for it!

I'll see you over there. I hope you can understand. It's not you - it's me. It's just something I felt I had to do.

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Oh Good.. I was afraid you were going over to the dark side-- Advance America -- or the American Family Institute.. or maybe even *gasp* Advance Indiana.

Whats wrong with Advance Indiana? Its one of my daily blog reads.

Yeah, I have to say Advance Indiana is no Advance America! Yikes! You're just trying to say I'm too liberal to blog at AI, aren't you? *grins* I think Gary's doing a fine job on his own! It's always interesting to read other's understanding on the issues. Now if Advance America or AFI could just, well, understand our issues...