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one of how many, today?

Filed By Bruce Parker | August 11, 2006 2:28 PM | comments

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Today, while I got up early for two activism meetings (early to me being ten a.m.), took a nap with my boyfriend, had dinner with friends, and then attended the Indiana Black Pride Town Hall Meeting more than one woman was raped or beaten. This topic got touched upon at the Town Hall Meeting tonight when discussing the ways that America discriminates.

As I scrolled through my bloglines account to catch up on the current events of the day, I noticed this story about a police sargeant who had been indicted for raping 4 seperate women. It is good news that he is being stopped from continuing this attack on women.

I am left wondering about the hundreds of assaults, beatings, and rapes that happened today and why they aren't in the news. Perhaps, I am painting with too broad a paint brush, but if found guilty I hope they lock him away for life.

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The really interesting thing about this story, to me, is that he's on "paid administrative leave" and the reason given for that is to spare the alleged victims from having to testify in a disciplinary hearing on top of a criminal hearing. Allowing him to maintain his $81,000 yearly salary seems highly inappropriate in the face of such a huge embarrassment caused to his fellow officers and employers. And it gives the case a certain tone... one of "bros before hoes" perhaps. It makes me uneasy... when will a show of support be given for the raped, instead of those who rape?

Bruce Parker | August 13, 2006 4:34 AM


The "bros before hoes" framing is a good insight. I didn't pick up on it. Thanks.

Marla R. Stevens | September 8, 2006 8:43 PM

Just as antigay violence will go on until hets step up and put a stop to it, rape will go on until men put a stop to it. Thanks for adding your voice to that effort, Bruce.