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Trannie chicken is cock of the walk

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You know, whenever I hear of the LGBT community being labeled as "freaks of nature" or some such bullshit, I always think of the stories of "our people" in the animal kingdom. There are several stories about gay penguins or other zoo animals along with numerous wild and farm animal anecdotes. But I have to admit, I'd never seen a story of an animal changing genders.

It just goes to show you that anything can happen in this wide world of ours. Those whose narrow world-view won't accept anything different from what they already know are doomed to a very small existence. You'll notice that the other hens aren't clucking about Jesus or gender roles...

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - A hen in southern Sweden that has grown a rooster comb, tail and wattle and begun to crow is wreaking havoc in its henhouse, where the rooster, Henry VIII, is hopping mad, Swedish media reported on Friday.

"Henry VIII is bloody angry. The other hens are mostly just surprised but they seem to increasingly accept him or her," the owner of the henhouse, Christel Hammar-Malmgren, told the online edition of regional daily Blekinge Laens Tidning.

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changing genders is actually fairly common for certain species of fish: "In any coral reef, for example, about 25 percent of the fish have changed sex in their lifetime." fish that switch genders are called successive hermaphrodites. clownfish (think nemo) are just one of the many coral reef species that can switch genders.