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Voter Registration Aimed at Conservatives

Filed By Annette Gross | August 19, 2006 11:44 PM | comments

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It seems that a voter registration drive is being aimed at conservatives here in Indiana. Two groups, The Indiana Family Institute and Advance America, plan on distributing voter guides and setting up voter registration drives.

An article in the Star indicated that evangelical leaders are launching a nation-wide political drive. They are targeting church coordinators and sent an e-mail to activists last week. They want pastors to discuss "Christian citizenship" and to conduct voter registration drives.

Curt Smith, president of The Indiana Family Institute, says his group will play a more direct role in the political process. HOW will he play a more direct role?

I was under the assumption that there is separation of church and state in this country. Is Indiana exempt from that? Is what they are doing legal? What is "Christian citizenship"? Isn't discussing Christian citizenship sort of like sneaking in the back door? Last time I looked, the United States was made up of many different religions. That's a new term to me!

Today I spent 8 hours at a conference led by Indiana Equality and the Human Rights Campaign. Among many topics, we discussed the anti-Marriage Amendment, voter targeting, field planning, how to get our message across, and volunteer development. Legislators such as Julia Carson and David Orentlicher spoke to us with passion and conviction about the need to get progressive candidates into our Statehouse. That's the only way to stop the amendment.

Eric Miller and Curt Smith are also passionate. They are so passionate that they can mobilize thousands of volunteers to do their dirty work. They hide behind slogans such as "pro-family", thinking their way is the only way. Just like the force we used to get the HRO passed, we must use this force again to fight for what we know is right. We can talk all we want, but it is actions that count. I hope the momentum of today's conference carries us over to victory in the November election.

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I agree Annette. It is time to start walking the walk. I was unable to attend the conference, is Region 8 going to start a state wide voter registration as well?

I know that Region 4 will be taking some initiative here locally in Lafayette area.

Given the Voter ID Law's ridiculous stretch, if you encounter ANYone who is not sure about their voter regitration status, have them re-register. In the absence of any coordinated driv,e they can go to any license branch (I know. No jokes) or library.

This is serious stuff.

Lori, as far as I know, Region 8 is not pursuing Voter Registration. They are canvassing neighborhoods to get certain people elected to state government though.

GIFA is part of Region 8 and we have registered voters at Earth Day, Indy Pride, Black Pride and will be at Feast of the Lanterns this weekend.

But as far as a region wide concentrated effort, I am not aware of any either.