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You never know where you'll end up

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I thought this was pretty cool and thought I'd share it with our readers...

I was digging through the statistics for the other day when I noticed that so far this month, the majority of our visitors have been from Japan. Japan? Okay, it's still early in the month, but what gives?

One site was sending us a bunch of hits. It links to my post about Bush giving Angela Merckel a backrub during the G8 summit. While I've been around Japanese people for a large portion of my life (the site name comes from a combination of my name and my Japanese best friend's name!), I can't read Japanese. So I sent the link to the page off to my friend Eri who promptly sent me back a translation:

Ha ha ha... this is funny! The title of the blog is "The battle with baka (stupid) Bush". The dog tries to get his monthly medicine that is on top of the Bush's head. The dog knocks it down but baka Bush still tries to keep it until the dog finally gets it. At the end of the blog, she says "By the way, baka Bush gave a shoulder rub to Germany's priminister at the G8 summit. What was he thinking? This site shows the photos of astonished Germany priminister." This is a site by the dog owner in Tokyo who likes to travel, eat out, drinking, and she writes about her dog, the places she visits, the food she eats at different restaurants. The toy Bush was a gift for the dog from the owner's friend in the US, but the dog doesn't like it so much.

Many people around the world read your blogs! That's awesome!!


Kinda makes you wonder how they found us, eh? But it's pretty darn cool that they did! Just goes to show that once it hits the internet, there's no telling where it'll end up.

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