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Does State Representative Cindy Noe find my family "Coarse"?

Filed By Annette Gross | September 29, 2006 5:41 PM | comments

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I happened to log onto State Representative Cindy Noe's website today. While browsing, I found a poll that she invited her readers to take. Here is an excerpt of part of the poll:

Question No. 5: I believe we have seen a coarseness enter our society, as well as a decline in the stability and well-being of Hoosier families. I am concerned, do you share this concern? If so, are there solutions, legislative or non-legislative, that should be considered?

After I got over my initial shock, I responded:

I do not know what you mean by "coarseness". I do feel that as Indiana citizens, we should embrace ALL families. I don't believe that family structure should be legislated by politicians. That is a personal matter and government has no right to interfere.

At the end, Ms. Noe invited comments. Of course I couldn't let an opportunity go by:

I find Question No. 5 offensive. As I said, government has no business interfering in family structure and make-up. Instead of skirting the issue, please clarify what you mean by "coarseness".

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. But I suppose I am naive enough to think that maybe one day people will GET IT and stop putting us into two different camps. My family is coarse? How dare they!!!! I invite Cindy Noe to behave like a man (I mean lady) and say exactly what she means! Maybe we need some sort of protest regarding this so-called "poll". Can't write anymore - too angry!

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Cindy Noe is scary. Frighteningly under-informed when she enters the Statehouse. And she's a first-tier homophobe..big time.

She carries almost no weight in the current leadership structure. Honestly, she understands so little that they don't take her seriously.

But she has a vote.

She needs to be taken out. Know any smart Republicans who can take her on in 08? Her district is 70% Republican, so it's difficult for a Dem to win.

I just wanted to give a notice that I edited Annette's post. I added links to Cindy Noe's website and to her poll. Feel free to go take Rep Noe's poll yourself - and leave your own comments for her. If you do, come back and let Annette know what you told Rep Noe!

Vote for Leona Glazebrooks in the upcoming election against Cindy NoWay!