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Ernest and Bertram

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Have you seen this? I'm not sure what to think. Surely they're not intending to be demeaning, but I got this sick feeling in my stomach when I watched it. Tell me what your thoughts are when you see it. (WARNING: Graphic Muppet Violence)

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Wow. It's like Bert and Ernie in The Children's Hour.

Gotta admit, that is one Muppet show I'm not showing Kaylin. That one made me sick. Is this what is being pushed on the people who are having a difficult time coming out?? If you can't deal with it, suicide?

I don't like it. The whole thing made me feel uneasy.

Well, it's a fantastic and well done video. No doubt.

But, it's kinda disturbing, too.

I wanna say I think it makes the hate-mongers look bad, but I'm not sure what to make of it.

But, production qualities were great. Notice the camera paning around the two of them on the sofa. Really sophisticated stuff. ANd the music was cool, too.

We try so hard to not talk about the number of queer folks, especially youth, who kill themselves in response to external and internal homophobia. Yea, the video made me queasy however sometimes thats okay and even necessary.

The remake of the sesame street song was really strange.

I also thought of "The Children's Hour" !!

Someone saw that movie and Sesame Street too close together and has way too much time and money on their hands.

I too, feel weird after watching.

This video is really strang and makes me feel wierd inside. So much and hate and time on peoples hand! Thanks for the tip B.

Expert I'm not, LOL, however, it does seem that the short is an excellent example of Menippean satire. Definitely meant to leave an audience of diverse viewers uneasy using many different styles and points of view.

A quick read can be found here, maybe you'll agree:

Thanks for the info, Kay. Either way it goes, it is definitely disturbing. I think Bruce is right on the money though - we DO try not to talk about those of us who don't make it through the coming out process. We feel horrible for them - and we know what they've gone through ourselves. I think one of the niggling parts that sticks in your head as you watch it is "What if that had been me? What if I wasn't strong enough either?"

It is a spectacularly filmed short. Kudos to the filmmakers for getting us all to talk about a difficult subject.

It reminded people of the children's hour because it IS the children's hour -- that's where the dialogue is from. pretty amazing, huh?

It's so funny when you go to post a comment and realize that you already did, years ago. Most of the dialogue is in fact straight from Helman's "Children's Hour". This video blows me away every time I see it.