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First Republicans Announce Unifying Principles

Filed By Chris Douglas | September 26, 2006 6:15 AM | comments

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First Republicans is an organization of Republican moderates that has found its voice. The Board of First Republicans released to the press early this morning a statement of the organization's principles, which principles I think the glbt community will find significant. These principles are important for what they embody.... a vision of limited, responsible government embracing all of its citizens in the tradition of Lincoln and T. Roosevelt... and for what they portend.... a force of progress.

This organization represents the Party my parents knew.... a Party of decency and reason... and determination to embrace a tradition of the Party that has existed since its founding, but which has been all too silent. I urge members of the glbt community and our allies to visit the blog, which First Republicans has established to promote its principles and perspective, and read the principles carefully.

First Republicans is not a voice for the Republican Party, for the First Republicans have no official standing with the Party, and have considerable independence of action. Now a member of the board, I have been invited to blog for the organization, which I will do with gusto. It is my hope and expectation that the organization will find and develop a wide audience for its views, which will be helpful for all, including for glbt citizens.

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As I said before...

This year, moderate Republicans would do their party more of a favor by voting Democrat than anything else they can do. I support the ideals of First Republicans, but the first things these Republicans should do is pull the Democrat lever in the voting booth.

It's happening in other states. For example, Rep. Chris Shays of Connecticut is looking like he will lose his seat. Some of his longtime friends and longtime Republicans are voting against him this year. Not because they don't like his views (he's a moderate) but because the party has abandoned Shays' moderate, decent Republican ideals.

When will the moderate Republicans in THIS state realize that their party has abandoned them, doesn't want them? When will you realize that you cannot fix it from within so long as they are the party in power? I mean, you say it yourself here when you say, "...for the First Republicans have no official standing with the Party..." The moderates have no standing. Period. The right-wing has taken over, the moderates in the party are being ousted as fast as elections can carry them out of office.

Stop fighting a losing battle, show your party that you actually DO mean business. Hold your nose and vote Democrat in November...It's the only surefire way the moderates are going to have a chance in the Republican party.

The Loyal Opposition | September 26, 2006 2:24 PM

A valiant effort, Chris.

Good luck. As long as the far-right controls your party, you're in for some hard work.

While I have significant empathy of Jerame's comments about moderates being more than pushed aside in the Republican Party, and although a registered Democrat who votes that way virtually all of the time, I applaud Chris and the First Republicans for wading into hostile waters within the "party of Lincoln". I do sense a grass-roots recognition among those who consider themselves moderates as well as many non-righteous-right conservatives that their party has become a major American Christian denomination, and they don't much care for the content of the hymnbook. Hopefully they're also beginning to find other collection plates.

Congratulations on your new blogging gig, Chris! You'll have to be careful or you'll become known as the "that Republican guy who gets around!" *grins* First the Indy Star blogs, then bilerico, now First Republicans. It must be hell to be so popular! LOL

Seriously though, I know this is a subject that's dear to your heart. I hope you enjoy every minute of it - and I hope you're successful in turning minds and hearts.

Is Terry Michael a part of your group? Since he's like the first elected "gay" man in Indiana.

Chris Douglas | September 28, 2006 6:21 AM

Right now, First Republicans has no way of "joining".... there is no membership... just an e-mail list... and a board... The organization originally was put together to merely to promote debate by sponsoring events and discussions... now it becoming much more activist.... so its nature will change.... Terry would be a good addition.. including perhaps to the blog....