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I have two fathers

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I know, I know - I usually just put these things in a Linkalicious post, but I think I'm going to start putting the YouTube videos actually up so people can click them and start using the Linkalicious posts just for articles and such.

But as a gay parent, I had to show you this one. It made me smile first thing this morning. I think it'll make you smile too. :)

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This is fabulous! The kids are great. How did you find it? And what language are they singing in? I'm thinking it's Dutch, but I'm not sure.

Peter from Amsterdam | September 16, 2006 7:50 PM

This is a Dutch TV show, even in the Dutch version of Sesame Street they have sometimes GLBT characters.

Peter from Amsterdam | September 17, 2006 3:39 AM

Children for Children exist this year 27 years. It has been set up in 1980, by Flory Anstadt of VARA Broadcasting. It was her idea of setting up a childern choir in connection to a good cause. The cause was a toy action.

Meanwhile a lot has changed. First of all children of today are different than 25 years ago, we live in a complete new era. Then Internet did not exist and there were only very few childern programmes on Dutch TV, and there were no music networks specially aimed at childern.

The topics which were used in former days in the songs are however of all times. Also now it occurs for example that children are teased at school, and also topics apply as love sorrow. But also topics concerning situations which where a taboo then and where one did not speak therefore in front of childern. An example of this is the song "Two Fathers" of 2005.

Most topics and texts are made by kids [and their parents], but also professional writers. Each year about 50 songs make it to the quarter final, the 12 songs that finish will be made into a CD, the proceeds are still going to a good cause aimed at childern.

Thanks for the info on the show, Peter. I'm glad you're able to let us know more about such a wonderful program. As a parent, that song struck a nerve in me. Not only was the young boy a darn good singer, but the song was beautiful. Did it make it to the CD in 2005?


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