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1. Government transparency by Russell Brown via (Russell is running for the State Senate in my district. This is a letter to the editor of Nuvo that gives you an idea of some of the changes he'd like to make to our state government.)
2. Clash of convictions by Dorothy Korber and Deepa Ranganathan via The Sacramento Bee (Slavic immigrants' crusade against homosexuality collides with gays' battle for acceptance, equal rights)
3. Sex toys contain dangerous chemicals says Greenpeace via YahooNews (Those damn Greenpeace people... *sigh* You can't destroy the environment, you can't abuse animals, now they're after sex toys... *grins* You have to admit though, this is something people should know.)
4. Pictograms of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games via (It's kinda cool to see what the little people will look like this go-round. I like how they show you the previous years' pictograms. This time they've made them look like Asian calligraphy. Too cool.)
5. Transvestite gang pesters Magazine Street via (The title alone made me laugh. Fear! Danger! A transvestite gang! Did Rove come up with this title?)

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Don't worry, Bil..."Greenpeace stressed that a ban on phthalates would not mean the disappearance of people's favourite sex toys as there are plenty of non-toxic alternatives."