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The new Brizzi ad

Filed By Bil Browning | September 18, 2006 10:14 AM | comments

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So what do you think of the new Carl Brizzi for Prosecutor TV ad? I've heard that it's an attack ad on one side and that it's "one of the funniest commercials out this year."

What do you think? It is funny. But it's also rather mean-spirited... It's kind of like the Brizzi vs Kennedy match-up isn't it? Both have advocated for a hate crimes law. Both want to reduce crime in Indy. But what the hell do you really know about either of them? The only thing I can say I really know about either of them is that crime has shot up lately and Brizzi is in charge... I know this is the race to watch this year for some reason, but I find myself rather ambivalent.

Let me know what you think of the ad. And feel free to try to convert me one way or another to a candidate. I'm open - I just don't know enough.

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Kennedy is in the mould of Kathy Davis; namely, one of the brightest people in town, an excellent manager and administrator.

She would be an excellent prosecutor.

The new Brizzi ad was, I'm sure, expected by the Kennedy folks. His desperation to demean her will lead to even more mean-spirited ads.

Juse Me

Both candidates came to Black Pride's Festival in the Park, which is a signal victory for us. I do not see the ad as "mean-spirited" although it is negative. It is not unreasonable to think that experience at the job is a qualification and to dramatize that concern. I see advantages to both sides. How nice to have not one, but two candidates who could actually do the job well, and understand that they would serve all Hoosiers.