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Trying To Be Forgiving of Sins, But . . .

Filed By Scott Barnes | September 08, 2006 8:23 AM | comments

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Forgive me, but I have to rant for a minute.

Heritage Christian School — a massive K-12 school on Indy's northeast side — is in between my home and my workplace. I'm going to work earlier these days so that my partner and I can carpool, and I get to the intersection of Binford and 75th Street just in time to meet the lines of mini vans who are dropping off kids at Heritage.

Does anyone else find it a bit oxymoronic that the people who are driving to said Christian school run lights and block traffic (and generally prevent anyone else from going anywhere) ON A DAILY BASIS?

Rant over.

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I am not defending these people, but people are people. They want to get their kids dropped off ASAP so they can either get to work, or to their tennis lessons. They are not thinking about anyone else. (do you see my tongue pushing out of my cheek?)

Also, this doesn't just apply to the Christian school. This behavior goes across the board.

We were in a restaurant the other night. A couple had their small child with them, who was throwing a fit. She wouldn't stop crying. The mother just sat there with the kid, who was thoroughly ruining our dinner with her screaming. I turned around to look at the mother. The mother started yelling at ME, as if I was the one behaving badly. Finally she got up with the kid, barked at me "I'm leaving" and stomped out.

Everyone behaves as if they are ENTITLED to whatever it is they want. It must be a 21st century thing.

It's just as bad when school lets out there. However, it's not really any worse than the traffic snafus at Lawrence North or the Lifetime Learning Center that's also nearby. I kinda agree with Annette though. It's selfishness/entitlement thing that's all over the place anymore.

StopDrop&Roll | September 8, 2006 3:13 PM

Same thing over by Park Tudor, and on 64th St. between Orchard and Sycamore schools are located. ALl the huge SUVs with 29A plates...driving like maniacs. Stopsigns are things to be ignored.