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A Boost for Bayh?

Filed By Ellen Andersen | October 13, 2006 2:42 PM | comments

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According to this story in the Washington Post, former Virginia governor Mark R. Warner's decision to bow out of the 2008 Democratic presidential race yesterday looks like it might boost Evan Bayh's chances to emerge as the main alternative to presumptive Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton. While Bayh hasn't actually announced his candidacy, he did clear his schedule yesterday to make phone calls to jilted Warner supporters. ...

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Ellen-- some have suggested that Warner bowed out of running for President, so that he had a better chance of becoming the Vice Presidential candidate -- like John Edwards -- safe Southerner to more radical Northerner. Kinda sounds like Kennedy- Johnson... but also Kerry-Edwards.

Anyone wanna take bets?

Am I a bad Hoosier Democrat if I say, "I hope not"? It's been hard enough to vote for him for Senator (I've voted for him both times.) I really don't savor the idea of having to vote for him for President.

He's a good (but often exasperating) Senator. I invite him to keep doing what he's good at. Perhaps he could even take the Veep route to the Oval Office. But I'd put Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, or even Al Gore before Evan Bayh.

But I am kinda glad Warner bowed out early. I don't think he would have been the nominee, but he would have drained considerable resources from other candidates. We don't need another 2004 "but I'm electable and these other 8 bozos aren't" debacle.

I agree that John Edwards and Al Gore would make good candidates... but I think Feingold and Clinton would be far too polarizing... Feingold is a classic liberal... and as much as I love him as a Senator, we don't live in a liberal country... As for Clinton... well if she ran the Right would attack her in a way that makes swiftboating look like it was done by kindergarteners...

I think Bayh's got an excellent shot... and he's got the money (and presumably some more coming from Warner's supporters) to buy name recognition to raise him up to the status of Edwards in the polls... I look for those two to fight it out in the primaries...

If he were to officially announce his candidacy would that be the same as taking a position on something? So un-Evan like...

Marla R. Stevens | November 10, 2006 3:23 AM

Now that Vilsack is formally running and Edwards and Bayh all but so, I couldn't be more thrilled. It'll be a DLC circular firing squad where they'll all be vying for the same pool of voters who are bent on making the same mistakes we did with Kerry -- trying to play it safe by underestimating the electorate's hunger for real choices and real change. Go Evan and Tom and John! Rip the votes from Clinton! Make room for a real Democrat like Feingold or at least a truly competent moderate like Richardson for a change!