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Advance Indiana Horsepucky

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Gary over at Advance Indiana is on a conspiracy theory jag. He's conconcted some wild theory about Julia Carson and a local bank and her opponent and is using my KIser post that was removed from this blog just prior to the primary election as a foundation for his vicious musings, falsely speculating that I wrote it at Julia Carson's direction, request, or some other puppet-on-a-string nonsense, saying that, if she'd do that, she'd be capable of doing what he's accusing her of now. (He's also claiming that my post is the reason Kiser can't get a job -- when the truth is that part of my post was about how and why Kiser couldn't get a job for a year or so before it was written -- go figure.)

Problem for Gary's theory is that I'm nobody's puppet. Here's what I commented on AI:

Gary, I can't begin to understand what possessed you to write some of this and won't try but, about certain portions of it of which I'm rather intimately aware, I must say: Horsepucky!

Yes, my wife and I have been long-time major donors and strong supporters of Rep. Carson -- and have been so at least since she first ran for Congress, long before my wife was transferred to her company's Iowa home office.

[NOTE to Anonymous -- This data is readily available on the public record so am I to assume that the rest of what you say is as unreliable as your claim that my fiscal support for Rep. Carson was somehow lacking while I was a resident of Indiana instead of a mere Indiana homeowner with also a rental pied-a-terre in the Hoosier state?]

Rep. Carson actively supports our equal access to civil marriage and goes out of her way, spending serious political capital, to support LGBT peoples' rights in general, as well as other things my wife and I hold dear. We view those in our community not supporting her as people who strangely like to do the political equivalent of pointing big loaded guns at their feet and pulling the triggers.

That said, you have no way of knowing why I wrote what I wrote about Kiser, nor have you bothered with the journalistic niceties of asking why before engaging in wild speculation about it. Shame on you!

What I wrote about Kiser was motivated by a well-informed belief that Mr. Kiser isn't fit to live among decent people in Indiana, much less represent it in any official capacity. I would've written it no matter who was his opponent. I would've written it if he'd been running unopposed. And I was most certainly not taking direction from the Carson campaign to write it.

Since parting company with his previous employer, Mr. Kiser had already been unemployed at length -- and purportedly unemployable -- in a lobbying job market in D.C. that had never been hotter. That was not my doing.

And, as I've said to you before, "Defamation? Prove it." My piece was removed from bilerico, I've been told, on your advice -- not because I lacked sources but because I gave my word not to reveal them -- word I have kept and will keep -- and because bilerico was too impoverished to fight the fight. I acquiesced because I believed it to be the greater good.

Mr. Kiser has slunk back to D.C., whereupon he quickly replaced his D.C. resident tag upon his automobile. Good riddance.

I remain proud to support the campaign of Rep. Carson as well as a number of other candidates around the country I can count on to fight for the things in which I believe. On the heels of the Foley scandal, such people -- people like Patty Wetterling of Minnesota (running against the wackily hateful state Sen. Michele Bachmann for an open Congressional seat) are needed now more than ever.

So, in the spirit of what I said above to Anonymous, as you were given in your post to wild imaginings about my motives that couldn't be further from the truth, why on earth would anyone with any sense believe your ravings about Rep. Carson?

It just doesn't make sense to think that Julia Carson wanted me to write the Kiser post, much less that she directed me to do so. She was assured of a slam-dunk. She didn't need it to win and, if anything, it could've cost her votes from the sort of people who don't vote when things get too negative. It's just not what savvy politicians do and nobody I've ever heard -- her friend or her foe -- asserts that Rep. Carson lacks political savvy! No, it only makes sense that I wrote it for the reasons I've given for writing it. And every minute I've contributed to keeping Kiser out of Indiana and Indiana politics is one worth the trouble of it all.

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Phyllis Stevens | October 4, 2006 2:07 PM

I agree 100%, Marla, and further more when we got to Iowa the gay people in the know here knew how great Rep. Carson has been on gay issues--too bad some gay people in Indiana don't. Phyllis Stevens.

Please, Bil...make it go away. nothing good comes from rehashing this hatefulness.

Bruce Parker | October 4, 2006 5:14 PM

People who are anonymous piss me off. I think we should set the blog to not accept anonymous comments.

Anon - simply put, no. The subject was brought back up over Advance Indiana. Marla has every right to respond since she was referenced directly.

Wilson46201 | October 4, 2006 9:30 PM

Kiser's and Dickerson's defenders here and at AI almost always are "anonymous" - the illustrious example of John Hancock's signature has been lost to craven, lying, faceless politicos these days ...

Anonymous1:49AM | October 5, 2006 1:53 AM

Yes, AI has become a hate-mongering pit of darkness. Sadly so.

I don't know what his problem is, other than it may simply boil down to his not liking Democrats. But the venom he's spewing forth over there is vile.

Congresswoman Carson is without a shred of doubt, one of the best friends our community will ever have -- EVER.

And, there is no evidence that she's ever been anything other than an honest, professional, compassionate and dedicated public servant.

She serves us well in a Congress whose current leadership has led that hallowed body into a culture of courruption and moral decay.

Anonymous By Choice | October 5, 2006 7:53 AM

Revenge and vindictiveness are tools of the wicked, Wilson, and oft-used in these parts. Here's hoping you're never on the receiving end of it. Its power is awesome.

Anonymity is the only tool some of us have, and we welcome it, sadly.

Maybe, someday, when revenge isn't so well-received, the masks can come off.

Thank you, Bilerico, for allowing it.

No mistruths have bene spoken here by anon pomsters.

Marla R. Stevens | October 5, 2006 11:41 AM

I, too, would disallow anonymous posts and publish people's actual names, if possible, as anonymous posts and false monikers seem to be used more often than not as shields for sniping that people wouldn't do if their identities were known.

Posting under one's own name is called exercising the courage of one's convictions. For those unwilling to do so, let me throw out another old saw: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!