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Eric Miller and His Pre-Election Activities

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Eric Miller and Advance America continue their supposed non-partisan pre-election activities throughout the state. Since AA is listed as a non-profit, non-partisan organization, it is obvious that what they are doing is, let's say, not kosher. Advance America's website includes an insert that churches can download to include in their bulletins. These briefing issues include topics such as "Banning Same-Sex Marriage" and "Promoting Pro-Life Legislation". In addition, on September 28th Mr. Miller hosted a "Vote 4 Values - Election Briefing" in Goshen. He invited four State Representatives and two candidates for office to this briefing. All of them were Republicans. According to the IRS guidelines regarding a 501(c)(3) status, "......Allowing a candidate to use an organization's assets or facilities will also violate the prohibition if other candidates are not given an equivalent opportunity."

I don't know about you, but this boils my blood. Here we have a group of people, numbering around 45,000 families throughout the state, who have the potential to cause major trouble for the GLBT community, and nothing is being done by the GLBT community to stop them.

We all saw what AA was capable of this past year when the HRO was under consideration. Mr. Miller rallied thousands of his cronies to make bogus telephone calls to the City-Council, requesting that they vote against the HRO. He bussed in bible students to testify at the hearing, also to sway the vote.

We do have the ability to at least try to halt their progress in this arena. The IRS has explicit guidelines regarding what a tax-exempt organization can and cannot do regarding election year activities and prohibition on political campaign intervention. Don't be fooled into thinking Miller's group cannot make a difference. We need to wake up and take action. A formal complaint can be made to the IRS, alerting them to Advance America's activities.The (anti)marriage amendment is coming up for a vote, and we only have ourselves to blame if we don't at least try to counter this forthcoming attack.

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Annette -- I prefer to call it the Marriage Discrimination Amendment-- semantics, but language counts. While the other side would LIKE to ban our families entirely.. and that includes gay adoptions, civil unions etc--they use the words marriage and tradition and sanctity to cloak their intentions in things reasonable people might see under "attack". Let's NOT use their language -- including "same-sex marriage". The practice of using the opponent's phrases ends up reinforcing THEIR viewpoint, instead of emphasizing ours. Let's think for ourselves and come up with agreed upon language.

And I totally agree with your post Annette-- when will we be able to stick it to the bastards?

Thanks for your reply LafBlog. I agree with you. Now, as far as sticking it to them, I believe all we need is an attorney to draw up a complaint to file with the IRS. Isn't there someone here willing to step up to the plate?