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Happy Anniversary!

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BJ036.jpgHappy Anniversary, Jerame! I love you!

Today is our eight year anniversary. We celebrate our first date. Not the first time we talked, not the first time we saw each other, or - the Indiana legislature forbid - the day we got married.

Back then, our circles kept overlapping but we'd never actually met. One of his friends was dating my roommate. His best friend had cruised my roommate and knew me from bilerico. Hell, he'd had dinner with my roommate and his friend the week before. We'd e-mailed. Talked on the phone. Instant messaged. But we'd never met.

He came to visit me at work one morning. We stood out in the parking lot talking and laughing for a while by his car. His eyes were so very blue and penetrating. We decided to go out that night - our first date.

We went to Macri's Deli and after dinner we decided to rent a movie. We chose City of Angels and took it back to his place. When he dropped me off at home after the date was over, he gave me our first kiss on the back porch.

So maybe I should say we celebrate the day of our first kiss.

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That's the date we celebrate, too - first kiss. Congratulations!

Ellen Andersen | October 6, 2006 11:28 AM

Mazel Tov! Happy anniversary, guys!

Don Sherfick | October 6, 2006 12:37 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your 8th Anniversary of first kiss, date, or however else you want to mark the observance from! A good bit longer than the 55 hours Britney and her lawfully wedded co-sharer (for a time) of the "legal incidents of marriage" and four years shy of Jerry and my 12-plus years without such "legal incidents" (but not giving up the we know the two of you aren't either). Many, many, many more, guys!

Happy Anniversary! You're lucky I don't call you up and sing the "happy anniversary" song - I love you so I spared you!

Many, many more happy years together! By the way, I love the picture!!!! Keep up the good work!


I love you too!

Wow! 8 years. I can't imagine spending them with anyone else.

Thanks to everyone for the nice anniversary wishes. Special kudos to Marla for the lovely email card!

Don't forget! Bil's birthday is Sunday. He'll be officially older than dirt. *giggle*

Some of the other stuff on this site really annoys me.

But this is a really cool thing and congrats. Sad to say, I've tried to eliminate our local shame (Woody Burton) who uses religion the way some people use cocaine, but he just won't go away. I'll keep trying, however.

Good luck for the next 8, 20 or 50.

Thanks for the kind words everyone! We had a great day!

joe shoemaker | October 9, 2006 9:41 PM

My family and I send you blessings of health, happiness and love.