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"Have I done something to offend the White House ... I am always getting the shaft ... they came to ft pierce a few weeks ago and said I was not allowed to attend ... yet joe negron is there ... Tomorrow Potus is in Martin County and I am told I am not allowed to be there either. I can't quite figure what I have done but this is a continuing pattern of slights ... I have constantly put the President in the best possible light on everything from haiti to hurricanes ... sorry to trouble you ... and I wouldn't if this wasn't so frequent ..." -- Former Representative Mark Foley in a Sept 2004 e-mail to Florida Governor Jeb Bush (Potus = President of the United States)

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Is this real?

If so, the Bushies knew about Foley's philandering years ago and tried to make sure there were no pix with the gay Congressman, lest those pix later embarrass them.

Kinda like that famous tarmac shot with FEMA Director Brown, Foley and Bush. Countless caption contests on that one, with hilarious results.

Either they're extremely homophobic, or they knew Foley was trouble, or both. If they knew and withheld it, that's potentially fodder for the House Ethics Committee.

Wait a minue, I just used "House" and "Ethics" in the same sentence, like this Hastert-led House knows anything about ethics voilations. Forgive me.