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What Percent of Indiana's Population is Gay?

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Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana has called attention to a study recently released which tallies the percentage of our population that self-identifies as glbt. Self identification can be an incomplete concept, because many who have a biologic same sex orientation will not identify themselves as gay, in spite of their physical and emotional attraction to the same sex, especially if they come from a conservative environment in which they are taught to be uncomfortable with the reality of their biologic orientation. This data is broken down by congressional district.

As Gary observes, the percentage of gays in Central Indiana is estimated to be 4.5% or so of the population, 4.8% in Indianapolis.

That's almost 1 in every 20 voters.

Consider this: With some few exceptions, the average person can list a natural father and a natural mother and some statistical fraction of a sibling, and gays and lesbians are no different. So to 1 in every 20, add 2 in every 20 representing parents who have given birth to a gay or lesbian child, and another 1 (or so) representing a sibling of a gay or lesbian child. That's 4 in 20, or 20%, of voters who have a vested family interest in the treatment of gays and lesbians. Throw in another 1 or 2 (5 or 10%) representing friends, and then classmates and work colleagues (what... 8 or so for every gay person?)

Well, you get the picture. That's how it all eventually adds up to the statistic that 70 % of the population (14 out of 20) know someone who is gay or lesbian personally. (And 70 - 80% or so of the population, both in Indiana and across the U.S. is opposed to discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and favors adding glbt to the civil rights statutes. )

So the Republican Party, as it engages in aggression against gays and lesbians, creates an ever larger contingent of Americans who, ill at ease with the other aspects of the social conservative agenda, cannot abide calling themselves Republican anymore and have become independent. Those who have abandoned the Republican Party for Independency in many ways represent the segments that once were the best of the GOP's base. It's up to the Republican Party to adopt policies that will attract them back.

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Jeff Newman | October 15, 2006 9:40 AM

Chris, I would be one of the ex-Republicans you are speaking of. I did not "jump ship" and declare myself a Democrat, because I frankly have a few issues with the Dems as well. So I identify as Independent these days.

I have voted a split ticket in every election I've ever voted in, including this one (I just voted absentee), but I'm so disgusted with the Republicans these days I voted for exactly one Republican this year: John Ebert, who is running for Township trustee. He lives across the street from me and he's a really nice guy.

I even voted for the Libertarian candidate running against Richard Lugar as a protest vote. I never thought it would get this bad...