November 8, 2006

Jesus doesn't love Daddy anymore

Filed by Bil Browning | November 08, 2006 | 5:58 PM | comments

Precious little pumpkin just realized that God wasn't on their side. Wait until she finds out what Santorum means now... That's something the grandkids will bless Grandpa for......Read More


Filed by Bil Browning | November 08, 2006 | 4:31 PM | comments

Because, remember folks - marriage is sacred. Only heterosexuals should be able to enjoy it since they know how to treat such a treasured tradition... But hey, at least Brittany lasted longer than 55 hours this time. Two years,...Read More

A landmark day for all women

Filed by Carrie Wooten | November 08, 2006 | 4:13 PM | comments

Nancy Pelosi will soon make history as the first woman to be Speaker of the House, and the highest ranking woman ever in the United States. When talking about her rise in the political realm, Pelosi says: "It's tough. You...Read More

And so it begins - CNN confirms Rumsfeld is stepping down

Filed by Jerame Davis | November 08, 2006 | 12:48 PM | comments

Yup. Lame duck. No way Bush could keep Rummy around now that the Dems control Congress. 'Bout damned time....Read More

Quack quack - How lame is that duck?

Filed by Jerame Davis | November 08, 2006 | 10:59 AM | comments

Pretty fucking lame if you ask me. With a 28 seat majority in the House and a likely 1 seat majority in the Senate (I predicted this privately 2 months ago) one thing is certain. George Bush is a lame...Read More

The Election of 2006

Filed by Chris Douglas | November 08, 2006 | 10:29 AM | comments

Yesterday's votes are not fully counted, but already there are some important lessons helpful to progress within the Republican Party for the glbt community. First, Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who has been openly supportive of the glbt community in...Read More

Women safe in South Dakota

Filed by Carrie Wooten | November 08, 2006 | 9:08 AM | comments

By a vote of 55% to 45%, the people of South Dakota got the toughest abortion ban in the country off the books! South Dakota conservatives would have made abortion in every case, even rape and incest, illegal, except when...Read More

Back pats...pat's back...but no time for complacency

Filed by Don Sherfick | November 08, 2006 | 8:01 AM | comments

Indiana, marriage,amendment, bauer, speaker, Democrats, BosmaRead More

Cock-a-doodle-doo! It's been a good night! Hee Haw!

Filed by Marla R. Stevens | November 08, 2006 | 3:28 AM | comments

2006 election update: Dems retake Indiana House, gay marriage loses strength as wedge issue, control of Congress flips, and more good news.Read More