November 16, 2006

The best of Don Rumsfeld

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*giggles* I saw this on Shakespeare's Sister and had to show it to all of you. We usually have Craig Ferguson on as we climb into bed, but we missed this one somehow. Well worth the watch....Read More


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1. Flea Market Believers by Art Farnsley (You might be surprised by this article. My fellow blogger at American Values Alliance, Art had an article featuring Indiana flea market dealers in the October issue of Christianity Today. Very good points...Read More

Sit in! Don't ask don't tell needs you!

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Julie Benson attempted to enlist this morning at the National Guard recruiting office. Her application was denied when it was discovered that she was a lesbian. When she exited the building to talk to the press, she was told she...Read More

Do I Need a Woman on my Thesis Committee?

Filed by Melissa Williams | November 16, 2006 | 6:23 AM | comments

I am a queer female graduate student at IUPUI in the Occupational Therapy Department. I am writing my thesis on the Theory/Practice Gap and how it is defined in the current literature. The two people who have accepted positions on...Read More