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A landmark day for all women

Filed By Carrie Wooten | November 08, 2006 4:13 PM | comments

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Nancy Pelosi will soon make history as the first woman to be Speaker of the House, and the highest ranking woman ever in the United States. When talking about her rise in the political realm, Pelosi says:

"It's tough. You talk about the glass ceiling. This is the marble ceiling," Pelosi says. Her ascendance, she says, tells women, "they can handle power at any level, that we can breathe air at this altitude," and it "bodes well" for a woman to be elected president.

I, for one, hope that Pelosi will work to the benefit of all the women she serves. I hope she proves that while she may be seen as lesser, weaker, and unfit by many, she is now, more than ever, fearless towards and emboldened by the path that lies before her. It is a fine day to be a woman.

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You said it! It's a good day for women with Pelosi's rise to the top - and I'm proud to be a democrat today. Although, I have to admit, Condi's jobs as security advisor and secretary of state are pretty darn good ones too as far as political power goes. I'd say SoS ranks right up there with majority leader...

I suppose, though I wasn't pitting Pelosi against Rice in terms of power or position...

Plus, Rice was not the first woman to be Secretary of State... Madeleine Albright was. She also wasn't the first African American to be Secretary of State... that was Colin Powell.

But all that said, her positon as the first African American woman to hold the Secretary of State position is something to hold in high esteem.

But again, today was about Pelosi.

Rick Sutton | November 9, 2006 2:07 PM

Nancy's a class act. She withstood all the "San Francisco values" screaming in the last two weeks. It didn't work.

It was code for, well, we all know what it was code for.

May she serve well and honorably. God knows the far right won't leave her alone.

Happiest person about Nancy's rise? Hillary. The far right will be distracted by the shiny object that is Speaker, and Hillary will not receive as much slamming.

We Dems have a huge responsibility now. The far right radio whackos have already proclaimed that any disagreement with the President from the new majorities in Congress, is unpatroitic.

They didn't learn a damned thing from Tuesday's results.