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And the hits just keep on comin' -- Queer political cognitive dissonance version ...

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When asked about his sexual orientation at an Orlando rally today, recently outed Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Christ punted while Gov. Jeb Bush shot the questioner daggers:

"Next question!", cried Christ. "Let's talk about the future of this state we all really love."

Gov. Bush was a bit more pointed, calling the reporter a "horse's ass".

Rep. Jim Davis, Christ's Democratic opponent, got testy about it, saying that the election was about how to deal with sharply rising insurance costs in the hurricane battered state, not "negative accusations like this."

Christ is a 50-year-old bachelor. One local right-leaning television station's news report on the subject pointed out that Florida has had a number of bachelors and spinsters as governor. It neglected to say how many of them were from Miami's Deco district or Key West.

Christ; Foley; ex-Rep. Ed Schrock; Ken Mehlman; Idaho's Sen. Larry Craig; Rev. Ted Haggard; Rev. James Dobson's attempted coverups of Reps. Drier and Foley; HRC zero-scoring Tom Coburn's legislative director, Roland R. Foster; House Page Board member Rep. Ronald Shimkus (HRC average score 25), another of the antigay Congress members who depend heavily on the talents of gay staff -- in his case, his chief of staff, Craig Roberts, and one of four who got the Foley e-mails early and did not take appropriate action to stop the behavior and bring Foley's violations to light (in other words, he's a key part of the coverup); and now another antigay hypocrite who wasn't above using the talents of a gay person, Rep. Bob Ney, whose former top aide, David Duncan, was once a board member of the Lesbian and Gay Congressional Staff Association, bites the political dust. After claiming he'd never resign even though he'd already plead guilty to Abramoff scandal corruption charges, he quit today.

You have to wonder what's next. These things have been coming so fast and furiously that they've invaded my very dreams. When I woke up from a nap this afternoon, I had one of those post-dream moments where you're not quite sure if it was a dream or if it was real with Sen. Rick "frothy material" Santorum admitting that he'd gotten an annulment from his long-suffering home-schooler wife a year ago and had been having a secret affair with a bisexual lobbyist ever since. I've got to stop eating such spicy foods at lunch.

What would your optimal political outing dream/nightmare entail?

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... better a bisexual lobbyist than a Chihuahua !

Marla R. Stevens | November 4, 2006 1:00 AM

LOL! And better a Chihuahua than a box turtle?