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Cock-a-doodle-doo! It's been a good night! Hee Haw!

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The Dems retook the Indiana House. Bosma was gracious enough to give Bauer a congratulatory call. Now the real work begins to keep an antimarriage amendment dead. Marriage was not a factor in Statehouse races nor, surprisingly, was outsourcing the toll road. If anything, it was daylight savings time. Way to be quintessential Hoosiers! Thank you Indiana Chamber of Commerce!

Despite the Republicans' best efforts to screw up voting at her best precincts, Julia Carson won. And didn't mince words about it, either -- with good cause.

Hostettler got trounced.

Baron Hill got his seat back.

Chocola was bounced.

And displeasure with Mitch Daniels may have figured into those defeats. There may well be a God after all.

While Carson was accepting, the news was whispered to her that Nancy Pelosi will be the first woman to be Speaker. But that's not all. A Democrat might well become Majority Leader in the Senate (I'm not betting on Harry Reid). Hold on to your hats boys and girls, we may not get the impeachments ShrubCheney deserves and then some but, hot darn, oversight is back!!!

Barney Frank will be one of the best Financial Services Committee chairs ever and John Dingell will restore regulatory sanity over at Energy and Commerce. But I'm looking forward most to the fireworks that will surely eminate from the rooms where Henry Waxman's House Government Reform, Charles Rangel's Ways and Means, and (especially) John Conyer's House Judiciary Committees will be meeting.

We'll see quick action on the minimum wage increase and 9/11 Commission Report implemetation to start with. Middle class tax reform should follow soon enough. We won't be fighting marriage amendments or ANWR or flag-burning. But the really good stuff will be the ferreting out of corruption that's abounded in things like civilian contracting in Iraq. Who knows, maybe the troops might even get mess halls that are open 24/7/365 serving hot, wholesome, non-moldy food from clean kitchens like they should be in a friggin' war zone!!! Maybe they'll get the helmet add-in that helps protect their brains from getting scrambled when IEDs go off near them -- before the year 2010 that Rummy has delayed their issuance to, too.

By the way, Hilary Rosen looked absolutely stunning in light blue satin even at 4 a.m. on MS-NBC, making her highly astute commentary an even easier listen at that hour, having outlasted most of the usually diehard guys.

Jennifer Granholm is still governor -- in part due to the fact that her opponent, antigay bigot Dick DeVos, pushed bigotry so hard that the pain it caused Michigan families, business, and government became too ugly for voters to ignore. Sadly, the same did not hold true for Angie Paccione in her bid to defeat the Queen of the Homohaters, Marilyn Musgrave nor for Bill Winter in his valiant attempt to oust Tancredo -- but we did pick up one good guy in the Colorado House delegation, Ed Perlmutter.

The really bad news is that Hate Queen Musgrave will have company as the ever-wacky Michele Bachmann beat Patty Wetterling. Both Paccione and Wetterling put up valiant uphill fights in traditionally Republican districts against the full weight of the RNC and ShrubCo machines which dumped literally piles of money into the races. In a tribute to both Paccione and Wetterling, both races went down to the wire in dead heats and weren't declared until very late in the night. Pro-gay Maxine Moul, in a similarly difficult race against a Nebraska incumbent, Fortenberry, also lost a heartbreakingly close race that none of the pundits originally gave her a chance in.

In better news, the Democrat, Mahoney, picked up Foley's old Florida seat in a squeaker and pro-DOMA-repeal Calderin, while losing, fared much better than predicted against his incumbent opponent, anti-gay Diaz-Balart.

We got three solidly pro-civil-marriage-equality governors out of the deal when Deval Patrick made history to become governor of Massachusetts and Eliot Spitzer of New York and Ted Kulongoski of Oregon were elected. And Patrick had big coattails, helping to bring in a statehouse crew good for civil marriage equality.

We won LGBT civil rights referenda in Ferndale, Michigan, and Corvallis, Oregon, to boot.

The Dems retained the gubernatorial seat in Iowa even if the newly elected one, Chet Culver, acts for all the world as if he has an IQ lower than the chair at his new desk. It was part of a sweep that included all the big House races, and both chambers of the legislature, meaning anti-marriage activity is dead there for a couple of years and civil rights might be possible.

Bill Richardson kept his gubernatorial seat in New Mexico, too, which bodes well for an interesting presidential primary what with Nevada now on the early schedule of primaries.

As expected, we lost on marriage in Colorado (both amendments) Idaho, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and even in Wisconsin (as I write, two states' counts on proposed marriage bans are still pending -- Arizona, where we're ahead enough that we might finally win one, and South Dakota, where we're not) but abortion is still legal in South Dakota. We're gaining ground on marriage, vote percentagewise, though, according to The Task Force. The marriage bans didn't prove the wedge issue their proponents had hoped, either, but the minimum wage and stem cell research ones proved favorable for Democrats. In fact, "just aligning with the extreme Christian right" is proving a big negative in the aggregate, with The Task Force including Hostettler in those numbers.

In the still-pending question of which party will control the U.S. Senate, Claire McCaskill's victory speech was rapidly confirmed as warranted by the networks and CNN.

It's looking good for Webb in Virginia (he's claimed victory but there are still a number of votes yet to be counted and a recount is likely) and Tester in Montana. If the Dems take those seats -- and it looks likely they could, they'll take the U.S. Senate.

Katherine "Wicked Witch of the Southeast" Harris, who even Shrub didn't want to be seen next to Monday in a snub-within-a-snub after his being dissed by Florida's new felon-loving gay governor, Charlie Christ, lost in embarassing fashion to stodgy old Bill Nelson in her Senate bid. This is Jeb Bush's loss more than hers, though, because he didn't put up anyone against her when she wouldn't take a sledgehammer-delivered hint.

Rick "frothy material/dog sex" Santorum lost his seat to Casey, as predicted. He could go work for the K Street Project but I doubt they'll have quite the cushy clout they've had in the past dozen years, much less the wads of cash.

And Shrub may not be just a very lame lame duck, he may just become an invisible duck!

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Don Sherfick | November 8, 2006 8:00 AM

Thanks, Marla! Looks like (at 8 a.m. Wednesday) our local bloggers are getting a few well deserved winks after a long night, from you post out of state you've done a great job in pulling together the Indiana news.