Bil Browning

Jesus doesn't love Daddy anymore

Filed By Bil Browning | November 08, 2006 5:58 PM | comments

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Tags: Election 2006, evangelical Christian, fundamentalists, Pennsylvania, Republicans, Santorum

Precious little pumpkin just realized that God wasn't on their side. Wait until she finds out what Santorum means now... That's something the grandkids will bless Grandpa for...

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Is that Santorum's son to his left and his right?!

And is her left sleeve "on top" of the camera lens?

Marla R. Stevens | November 9, 2006 1:11 AM

Both the boys are his, as is the scowling teen girl and the dreadful little thing with the bad hair in way too much matchy-matchy plaid. Cousin Al thinks it's the ugliest family portrait ever.

I've had a few comments sent in via e-mail from readers upset that I'm making fun of a little girl. Every single one has asked if children are now fair game in politics. And my answer, generally, is no.

However, in Santorum's case we'll make a brief exception. After all, this man has compared my relationship to man on dog sex (I won't say which of us is the dog!) and claims his family is better than mine. He's waved his (large - no birth control!) family around the campaign trail touting their "values."

And when your little sweetheart shows up in a photo like this one, well, it's funny. I don't care if you're a politician's kid, a regular joe's offspring or the illegitimate son of the pope, that is a funny looking face!

Santorum chose to stick her up their in the spotlight, as well. Republicans didn't hold back on calling Chelsea Clinton names; they can hardly cry foul if we chuckle when their kids cry because their dad deserved to lose.

I think his kids look like miserable zombies.

Frightening. Just frightening. (Where Do you get all these cartoons and pix, Bil? Hilarious)

He'll be a $2 mil a year lobbyist before Monday.


I re-visited this picture this evening, and I cannot escape the observation, that except for a few details, this picture could've been taken in 1950.

And, I noticed:

1. The boy has a dear-in-headlights look
2. The girl in the back must be 13. She's got that typical teenager female "I'd rather be anywhere else" look.
3. Mom has a pearl necklace. Build your own joke.

Not having to listen to this bigoted hateful whiney ass Senator any more: priceless.

Good God, could they be ANY more white?