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Kerry should apologize

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When I first heard John Kerry's statement that has provoked all of the furor and given George Bush and others fresh fodder to distract from the basic issues of the current campaign, I grimaced. Clearly, I said to myself, he was saying to the men and women in his youthful audience that not getting an education made it more likely they might end up joining the military and going to Iraq. Since I strongly supported his election in 2004, I was disappointed.

Then I saw AP reports that his remarks were in the context of several one-liners at the beginning of his speech that made it clear he was referring to George Bush himself, especially W's failure to educate himself on Middle East history and dynamics . I'm a bit chagrined that in getting out this "larger context" story, the media has failed to replay the entire introduction; in just repeating the controversial part, it has unwittingly bolstered the Bush/Republican position, which is nothing more than a desparate political ploy.

Nonetheless, Kerry should bite the bullet and issue an apology. Something like this: "I understand that my statement, taken by itself, could have easily been construed as demeaning our soldiers, something that I would never do. For needlessly appearing to do so, I apologize to the men and women of our Armed Forces and their families and friends."

Yes, his opponents will likely use that apology, out of context of course, against him in future campaigns. But that is the chance he takes for his careless joke telling. For now, the current campaign is NOT about John Kerry, and in any event, apologizing is the right thing to do. Given that the current Administration doesn't have the word "apology" in its political lexicon, who's to say it would be such a negative for him, anyway? What do you think?

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Don-- I was home sick yesterday and watched quite a bit of the news-- and the media was doing a much better job of putting the comment into context -- byt the end of the evening-- than you give them credit for. Frankly, if the Reps think this will bring a 180 degree turn in the voting public, they are either naive or hopelessly wishful.

Everyone KNOWS it's the President who's stupid.

Of course he should've. Of course he won't. He's an out-of-touch Northeast liberal who outmarried himself and never again has to worry about a car payment. Arrogant, stupid and irrelevant in 2006. (Why is he even out there on the campaign trail?)

Only someone in that condition could've botched up 2004...a chance to get revenge on the unelected W. Thirty thousand 2000 votes still not counted in Broward and Palm Beach counties....ugh....

Kerry could screw up a 2-car parade, and we Dems sit by and let him two years ago.

Never again. Why he is a campaign attraction in 2006 in beyond me.

And the GOP will fan this for six days. I just hope it doesn't get traction to derail a good Democratic year. If so, Kerry shold be publicly flogged.

How tough is it, John? "My comments were inappropriate, and I apologize for any harm they caused." Then go home and take a six-day nap. Have Ms. Heinz-Kerry fix you a few Hot Toddies, or jet off to Europe for a week.

Get the hell out of our way. We're trying hard to get a Democratic Congress, no thanks to you.

Damn. Is the air in the Senate chambers that thin? Lugar pisses away his moral high ground on the war, Kerry can't get out of his own way...bipartisan hubris knows no bounds.

The Indiana Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman Dan Parker today:

"John Kerry was not speaking for Indiana Democrats or for our country. He may have misspoken, but he should nonetheless apologize for his comments.

"Indiana Democrats have unwavering support for our troops and are proud of the bravery they've exhibited in combat for the past four years. There is no more noble calling than serving in our nation's military and putting your life on the line for our country.

"This election is about a failed President and his failed strategy for victory in the Middle East. That, not John Kerry, is the real issue here in Indiana."

I agree. I have trouble understanding how a seasoned politician wouldn't weight the potential repurcussions of such a statement, in context or out of context. He may have single-handedly convinced a few veteran Republicans to vote next Tuesday who decided previously to stay home, so Kerry needs to find a way to make this right.

Marla R. Stevens | November 1, 2006 2:19 PM

Shrub and his cohorts are either too stupid to put the remark in context to see that it was a very legit statement that, if Shrub had bothered to learn about the country he was so bent on invading and staying the course in, we wouldn't be in this quagmire -- too stupid to tell he was being called stupid -- or so venal as to lie about its meaning to the troops and the world in an orchestrated campaign so obvious that Helen Keller could've seen it and Kerry's supposed to apologize?

It's the sort of mealy-mouthed, tuck-tail, think-so-little-of-the-electorate-to-think-that-the-people-care-about-this-crap-much-less-will-be-swayed-as-voters-by-it-in-burn-me-twice-masochistic-fashion that actually turns off voters. This is not the way to "excite the base."

Kerry's actual apology: I left out the word "us". It was a botched joke. Of course I apologize for botching the joke. Who likes to botch a joke?

More than enough apology from Kerry...Now...
* Where's the apology for the orchestrated smear campaign from the White House and minions?
* Where's the apology for lying to Congress and the U.N. Security Council to put us into Iraq in the first place?
* Where's the apology for running the war on the cheap where strategy and troop safety are concerned while subborning massive graft where their military contractor buddies are concerned?
* Where's the apology to the mothers of the dead like Cindy Sheehan?
* Where's the apology to the physically and psychologically maimed and their loved ones?
* Where's the apology for the war crimes and killing of what's rapidly approaching a million mostly innocent Iraqis?

I could go on but you get the drift.

Marla R. Stevens | November 3, 2006 4:28 AM

Actually, Keith Olbermann went on this tack later that night far better than I:

You can read the transcript and watch the video at Crooks and Liars.