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Kick 'em while they're down, Nancy

Filed By Jerame Davis | November 22, 2006 10:23 PM | comments

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Whoa! What is this? A Congress that sets it's own agenda?

Nancy Pelosi is one smart pol. In a move to set the tone in Washington, Pelosi has called the Congress to session starting January 4, 2007 and running for several weeks in January. Normally, the House meets only long enough to gavel in a recess until the State of the Union later in the month.

By stealing the spotlight before the President's biggest speech of the year, Pelosi just kicked the crutch out from under the lame-duck-in-chief.


Maybe we'll get the side benefit of a Congress that works more than 100 days in a session. Wait. Maybe that's still not a good thing. This is the US House of Representatives...

I'm looking forward to next year. How about you?

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Would've posted this on Bil's
"Thanks" list, but it goes here better:

I'm thankful for the "San Francisco values" that gave Nancy Pelosi to America. She is going to wow America. God bless her.

She's being just a tad too far left on some of her choices since she got elected, though. Alcee Hastings as Intellegence Chair is just stupid, if she follows through.

But she's a divine example for all our daughters. And it will be difficult for Bushies to demonize her now that she's third in line. They do so at their own peril, and they'll have to step gingerly. Maybe they can actually focus on solid policy, instead of hateful wedge issues and slogans that don't reflect their true policies.

May her tribe multiply.